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Mississippi gets a lot of shit, but you know what? Shoutout to Mississippi for not allowing non-medical vaccine exemptions for kids entering kindergarten, and for having one of the highest vaccination rates in the country


“Eventually you can’t help but figure out that, while gender is a construct, so is a traffic light, and if you ignore either of them, you get hit by cars. Which, also, are constructs.”

"There are people who seem to get really offended about gender fluidity or non-binary folks- but those are just people who feel like their gender is is insecure, you know? and in this day and age it *is* important to keep your gender secure. your gender should contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, at least one number and one symbol"

@fructose_dealer smh, a nonbinary gender is way more secure than a standard one... what are you gonna do, just brute force character guess my gender??? fool, idiot

Haaaah I forgot about when I was trying to make someone laugh here and drew unix monsters. I just unearthed them from a box. Xargs is still cutest.

Today's academic spam: "Pure and Applied Mathematics Journal"

you have a problem. you automate the decision making process. now you have two problems

Toni Morrison, from a speech she gave in 1981. Gosh this seems relevant to just about any kind of creative work these days. thx @jomc

A superpower can be a blessing, or a curse. Hers was a dazzling smile, bright enough to blind. Like all powered, she was registered, and issued a bodycam.
"You again?" the judge said.
The jury watched the video, heard the plaintiff call: "Give me a smile!"
"Not guilty."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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sesame street, autism advocacy, anti-autism, medicalization (---) 

Sesame Street has given up working with ASAN to work with Autism Speaks instead.

Excerpt from the linked open letter:
For several years, ASAN consulted with Sesame Street on their See Amazing project and the development of their autistic character, Julia. Until this summer, the content Sesame Street produced showed parents that their autistic children could live great lives, and taught autistic and neurotypical children ways to become friends. Through this approach, See Amazing successfully encouraged the inclusion of autistic children in their communities, and had a widespread positive impact.

Sesame Street has now decided to undo that progress. Its latest PSAs featuring Julia promote Autism Speaks’ “Screen for Autism” initiative and their resource for parents of newly-diagnosed autistic children, the 100 Day Kit. Like much of Autism Speaks’ recent advertising, these PSAs use the language of acceptance and understanding to push resources that further stigma and treat autistic people as burdens on our families. The 100 Day Kit encourages parents to blame family difficulties on their autistic child (“When you find yourself arguing with your spouse… be careful not to get mad at each other when it really is the autism that has you so upset and angry”) and to view autism as a terrible disease from which their child can “get better.” It recommends compliance-based “therapies” and pseudoscientific “autism diets,” but fails to educate families about communication supports. It even instructs parents to go through the five stages of grief after learning that their child is autistic, as they would if the child had died.

captcha: "select all the photos with tractors"
me: *selects all the photos with tractors*
captcha: "you didn't select every image with tractors try again"
me: "captcha. that is a fucking combine harvester. you're shit." 😒

It's Monday.
Here are some baby pandas to brighten up your day.

#nature #pandas

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