@aldeka Oh no, paywall... but Ingrid Daubechies is awesome :)

@ColinTheMathmo I really enjoyed Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis by Dan Rockmore when I was a high school student. Indra’s Pearls by Mumford, Series, and Wright is wonderful, and The Symmetries of Things by Goodman-Strauss, Burgiel, and Conway is gorgeous. For younger kids, there’s also Rich Schwartz’s books: You Can Count On Monsters, Really Big Numbers, Life on the Infinite Farm, and Gallery of the Infinite.

@error_1202 Thanks for posting this - I’ve noticed a similar change in my self-perception since I came out as nonbinary and it’s nice to know it’s really a thing that other people have also experienced. :)

transphobia, bad words 

@aldeka D: Feeling validated in my decision not to spend the night there but also sucks that you have to deal with that and wish I were up there to support y’all. <3

@aldeka Yeah, throwing parties is hella complicated. 3 is bigger than the attendance at most of the parties I’ve tried to throw in the last few years, so I think you’re doing pretty good, if that’s something you want to hear. :)

@FirstProgenitor@sanguine.space The fifth movement of Capriccio Espagnol, by Rimsky-Korsakov?

@aldeka Penguin flower shield! Seems appropriate to me :)

food, hijinks 

@aldeka Recipe for chicken thighs: serves 10, makes a good story. Glad the house didn’t burn down. :)

food, hijinks 

@aldeka Welp, here I am laughing like a maniac on a dead-silent bus. Ahem, I mean, I hope things turn out okay, better keep reading...

The Good Place S4E4 spoilers 

@error_1202 aaaa I can’t wait for season 4 to be on Netflix

@celesteh For me, I felt a little less shy if the other person wasn’t sitting immediately in front of me facing me head-on, instead more at an angle or beside me (while maintaining personal space). In large discussions having time to write down my own thoughts for myself helped, but I’m not sure how that translates into a one on one setting. Beyond that all I can say is be calm, patient, dependable, trustworthy.

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