Sorting through childhood mementos: math sonnets 

Apparently in 9th grade Creative Writing, I wrote a suite of sonnets about my experiences in mathematics: competing imposter syndrome and growth mindset, throwing shade at my 8th grade geometry teacher, the angst of grades 😆 It's especially funny knowing that by the end of 9th grade, I would be the varsity math team's geometry specialist and absolutely love it.

march for our lives 

I went to March for Our Lives today. This is the poster I made. As a former teacher of small children, I remember feeling devastated when Sandy Hook happened. I thought of course our government representatives would act to protect _children_. I was wrong, and here we are. Enough is enough. Make noise, and vote. (admittedly i hate making noise and i'm posting this on a site where only a few people will see)

Pi day, selfie 

Pi day may be a little silly, but it's given me a lot of fond memories, and pie is delicious. Happy Pi Day! (and happy anniversary to @aldeka!)


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