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A line is parallel to itself:

-try not to wear your gender for more than 8 hours at a time
- be sure to hand-wash it afterwards and give it time to air dry
- it’s okay to take it off for workouts too
- if it *hurts* then it’s too constrictive and you should find one that fits better.

You don't hear about the people keeping to themselves and staying in, because

1. That's the same shit they've been doing.
2. They have nothing to report, they're not getting sick.
3. Assholes making this shit worse is way more interesting to talk about.

Just remember, there are still huge swaths of us taking this seriously. Your FOMO is valid, and we're sharing that pain together.

maths pun in Finnish 

This week’s Probability Theory topic is martingales. The beautiful theory is somewhat ruined by ”martingaali” sounding like ”Martin kaali” – literally, Martin’s cabbage. Can’t unsee the stochastic vegetable farmer.

There are two types of people, those who see the abandoned strawberry and say "It me!" and those who dream of living in it and giving visitors gently hexed baked goods.

I feel like not enough of you have met Steve the Sidewalk Giraffe

i cannot believe how many times i have to see "X state deserves it for being a red state" in regards to pandemic cases. Do you even hear yourself? Do you even care about the immense suffering of the silenced marginalized people that are yelling but can't be heard?

like. how many times i've had to see "not Texas cases spiking after failing to turn blue 😂" do you even understand how bad voter suppression is here? polling sites closed without warning, polling staff intentionally sent to closed sites, the government stripping ballot drop off stations then re-instating them then stripping them again over and over all the way up until election day? like lets not get into how many forms of ID they say you need (you really only need driver/ state ID) and bully people into leaving for not having a voters reg card. what about ICE intentionally parking near polling sites in heavily immigrant areas? what about the intense ICE sweeps that happened just a couple weeks before voting stated? i-. come on now.

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covid, uspol 

the CDC advises everyone to stay home for the upcoming holiday.

the airlines are running ads for super-duper low fares for the upcoming holiday.

stay the fuck at home. let the airlines suck eggs.

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

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I'm not usually big on putting myself out there visually but would there be interest in a YT channel or IG feed about inexpensive, nutritious, simple meals to make -- specifically geared toward trans or even lgbtiqa+ youth who weren't necessarily taught even the basics of boiling water and done in a non-judgemental way?

I feel like this is something I could do as I pretty much had to teach myself to cook when I moved out and I've gotten good at it but I remember how daunting even lighting the gas stove was.

Jews had to cancel one of our more beautiful and important holidays. not change just straight up cancel lol. we went "eh couldn't be done safely, and safety is what matters the most"

meanwhile most christians are over there like "eating Christmas dinner over zoom??? fascism!!!! it's my right to endanger thousands so that I don't have to be inconvenienced at all"

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the plural of "radius" isn't "radii"; that's the dual. for 3 or more radiuses, you have to use "radiii", "radiv", etc.

A film about a health inspector gathering a group of experts to infiltrate a business and expose dangerous operating practices 

OSHA's Eleven

The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but a better solution was found. Natural Resource Wales, which was in charge of the site, ordered artist Simon O'Rourke to cut down the tree. He thought of a giant hand, symbolising a giant, and the tree's last attempt to reach the sky.

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