I present you: mosey culture (as opposed to hustle culture)

Our goals are out there and we work toward them, but we take our time.

"Someday I want to achieve my goal, but for now check out this pretty flower I have 🌻 . I'm gonna stop and enjoy it before I mosey on to my next task."

i saw a demisexual pride pin that said "maybe... but probably not" and wow :big_mood:

If I write fiction where Theseus and the minotaur fall in love
And then someone else takes my fic, swaps out the labyrinth for a coffeeshop setting
And then someone swaps the minotaur for another monster
And then someone swaps Theseus for another hero
Is it still the same ship?

shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

@shade lmfao you just walk into their office with the full crocodile Dundee outfit and the accent and you tell them you think you're autistic, drawing no attention whatsoever to the costume

it's cool to not be a boy or a girl but also be both

Funny how you never get misgendered with “dear agender person”, “best demigirl” but always with “hello sir”, “good afternoon ma’am”.

U.S. friend on social media: aw, look at the Bank of England flying the rainbow flag to celebrate putting a dead queer on the money!

Me: yeah but let me tell you about how they are treating the living queers here. :knife_lgbt:

its kinda nice to know i'll live on as an unnamed character in someone else's family stories.

like if my delivery driver can make his grandkids laugh about the time a very obviously stoned, giant lesbian in semi-rural texas gave him some herb and cash as a delivery tip for taco bell during the pandemic and then he watched the equally gigantic rottweiler carry the bags by the mouth on inside the house, then that's really cool. they have no idea who i am but for a second i made them laugh.

A programmer implements a bar. The tester goes in and orders a beer, orders zero beers, orders 999999999 beers, orders -1 beers, orders a lizard, and declares the bar ready for release.

The first customer comes in and asks to use the restroom.

The bar catches fire and burns down.

Yep, I've confirmed it. The My Little Pony named Firefly came out for Christmas 1983.

I was six years old. I knew there were boys and there were girls. The boys looked one way, dressed one way, acted one way, and played one way. And I wanted to look, dress, act, and play like the girls.

I asked for Firefly for Christmas.

Mom made a show of having me tell my grandfather what I wanted for Christmas. "You don't want that." But to her credit, for all her faults, Mom did let me eventually get Firefly.

I played with Ponies and I played with Transformers and I tried to make it all work and I tried to live up to everyone's expectations and I ended up hurting myself and others as I grew up flailing around trying to be a budding man.

But please tell me again how we didn't have trans kids 40 years ago. Tell me again how it must be soy in the food or pollution in the water. Tell me it's social pressure. Tell me it's anything other than more widespread acceptance and a world where kids can more comfortably be who they are.

Go ahead. Tell me little Dave-who-wanted-to-be-Dana doesn't count because of some arbitrary line you've drawn. Tell me I'm ok and real but some kid crying over an Equestria figure is a threat to society.

I don't believe you. In fact I pity your narrow view of the past, shaped by a dominant narrative of rigid roles and smothering expectations.

We were here. We were queer. Get used to it.

The French: repurpose crowd barricades to use as barricades against cops

The Germans: use crowd barricades as battering rams

The US: Use crowd barricades as ladders

This Catalan guy:

Doing an impromptu tarot reading but the only cards I had on hand were Pokémon.

"Ah, yes, Charizard reversed. A potent omen."

If you’d like a little negative curvature with your classic sliding-tile brainteaser: introducing the 15+4 puzzle. YouTube video: youtu.be/Hc3yfuXiWe0

asking me what country i'm "from" isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because you assume i'm foreign

asking me if that's my "real name" isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because it implies that the name i asked you to use is fake

misgendering me isn't offensive, it's disrespectful because it shows that you are projecting your idea of my gender over what i have told you of my gender

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