Lovely article about a brilliant physicist who recently passed away:

Ann Nelson Took On the Biggest Problems in Physics

Note that she knew that the biggest problems were not all theoretical - she also worked to remove the barriers facing women and minorities, including trans folks specifically.

request for CW standard, screenreaders and disability 

hi can we please use "screenreader unfriendly" as a standard CW for emoji heavy posts so that it's easier to filter? That way people have an easier time curating their experience.

A student came in to visit and talked about how excited she is to have a queer professor
I'm not crying it's fine

i finally got feedback and my profe ... likes my work???

is this what imposter syndrome feels like when its leaving the body??

bc im elated

y'all hear about enbies? word on the street is, they're good

ok look at these two regular ass cats hanging out with some kinda anime creature

The existence of a generic "legal name" implies the existence of a more powerful "illegal name".

Academic job search website wishlist 

An academic job search website

But one that allows job-searchers to screen results to exclude countries by the level of legal protection that queer people receive there :ProgressivePride: :blobpats:

hey mastos!! wondering if you can help me out…

what are some MASTODON INSTANCES 🐘 which:

1. were created in the PAST YEAR
2. have either OPEN or APPROVAL-BASED registrations
3. are run by DECENT FOLKS
4. are NOT TECH-THEMED (in word OR action)
5. have at least SOME ENGLISH-language moderators and documentation (multilingualism 🆗!)

reply with any and all that you know!! boosts 🆗!!

Formal academia isn't for everyone; Strong language 

And I don't mean that in the "not everyone is good enough" sense

I mean that in the "academia has major structural problems" sense

And even in cases where formal academia is functioning well, sometimes it's a bad fit or it's not conducive to a person's goals

So while I am very proud of my own academic achievement, and others who have made the formal system work for them

You can fuck off if you get judgy about not going for an advanced degree

Advice For moving to Canada; MH mention 

I'm moving shortly for school. I'll be getting an apartment because my uni is out of dorms. Without getting into details, the first time I tried doing college away from family, my depression got horrible and I had to drop out. I obviously don't want that to happen again. I'm socially anxious but I still assume I should get involved in this city/uni .
If you were uprooting your life in a similar way, what would you do?


not all enbies are white thin androgynous able-bodied people

Can we PLEASE find another word for "problematic white woman" that is not my actual name, I know this is an incredibly trivial thing to complain about but also it sucks

loss of a talented scientist to senseless violence 

UC Irvine astrophysics PhD student Jose Antonio Flores Velazquez killed in drive by shooting. Child of immigrants from Mexico. Dreamed of helping his dad retire from construction work.

"Before he died, he submitted a draft of his research paper in which he used advanced supercomputer simulations to interpret telescopes’ observations about the rate at which galaxies form stars"

Sometimes this world is so cruel

In the push to support trans kids (something that’s always needed, btw), there is often an overflowing amount of narratives of trans adults testifying that “they always knew.”

I just want to remind all the people questioning their gender that some people always knew, but some of us didn’t. *I* didn’t. And it’s ok to be only figuring it out when you are older.

I was 35 years and 221 days old when I finally figured it out. Others have been older.

It’s never too late to make the connection.

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