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Mastodon has no profit model, no VC investors to please, no advertisers. It has no majority stakeholder and no exit strategy. The biggest threat to the platform right now is environment toxicity.

Do your part by reporting abuse and discouraging toxic behavior.

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tooter = twitter
mutoot = mutual
retoot = retweet
untoot = unfollow
toot = tweet
tooting = following
stoot = stan

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Given that this (mastodon.social) is most shared instance, to preserve the ideals of decentralization we have closed sign ups in favour of spreading new users through the various alternative instances

— you get access to the same network wherever you sign up —

You can find a lot of these instances here:

And share this with your friends: joinmastodon.org/

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I just published my first article for Nautilus magazine. It's about near-misses, like the beautiful near-miss polyhedra Craig Kaplan makes and the near-miss that helped mathematicians discover Monstrous Moonshine. I like Kaplan's characterization of a near-miss:
An approximation is “a not-right estimate of a right answer,” Kaplan says, whereas “a near-miss is an exact representation of an almost-right answer.”


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