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Its friday, so no photography today. Instead,
a work from my "Human Algorithms" series.

Acrylic and markers on canvas.

You can see more art from the same series at eyluldogruel.com/humanalgorith

Still #artwithopensource because I edit photographs of my paintings in #Darktable (lens correction and keystoning are lifesavers)

#mastoart #art #abstractart #mastodonart #creativetoots #abstract #traditionalart mastodon.social/media/-YvbNATh

Why had I never run into Serre's "Linear Representations of Finite Groups" before? It's a beautiful book (and it looks like Harvard keeps a public copy here: isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb)

@banks It seems my feed is pretty buggy, as your response shows up on my wife's account but not on mine...

But, no, we've never lived in Canada before!

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@ColinTheMathmo @christianp Not sure if you have noticed, but I'm seeing a lot of internal server errors on mathstodon. Is the instance maybe overloaded?

So my wife and I are gearing up to move from The Bay Area to Toronto in August. Does anyone have any advice for transitioning?

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I was on mastodon.cloud, but this instance has a clearly superior domain name!

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Does anyone have a favorite book on #charactertheory? Bannai and Ito's "Algebraic Combinatorics I: Association Schemes" is great and I am curious if anyone has a recommendation.


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