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Spent 5 minutes troubleshooting why my distraction-filled social/news sites weren't working this morning before I remembered I'd blocked them in /etc/hosts yesterday.

Looking to play around with . Can anyone recommend a PowerBook/MacBook with good support?

Having a slow day at work and reading about the history of people thinking they can square the circle

Someone just commented positively on my drinking a bordeaux. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was because I couldn't find a montepucliano d'abruzzo.

@whatcraic That's the most Irish username I've heard in a while. Whereabouts are you from?

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Only at do you run into someone at the same bar as you who works on , and lets you play with their

@PINE64 Should have my unofficial images uploaded over the next couple of days, once I get home from . Any idea when the PineTab is going to ship? A PineTab running either Void or OpenBSD, with the keyboard cover would be my ideal writing device. (Well, almost, but threads on the forums have already ruled out e-ink displays on pine devices for now)

I tried the tablet and the phone at the stand today and was really impressed. At least one of the touchpads felt better than PBP's

Nice to see that the "Break your kernel!" talk is almost full .

loving the anti-intel comments in the microkernel devroom.

Surely there is a better way to display the #FOSDEM schedule than abstract art.

"Instead of poisoning the girl, the fermented must caused her to pass out to awaken the next morning with the realization that life was worth living"

Just spotted someone in this hostel connecting to wifi with nmtui. I suspect another attendee.

A good 30 minutes of that was at 100% brightness with the phone plugged in

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