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@EdgarMartinezMoro Hey, welcome to Mathstodon. What's your favourite finite simple group?

@florian You dragged it so that you wouldn't have to interact with each other as human beings, that's all.

I am an artist. I am flexible.

I have had a small length of CAT-5 cable in my coat pocket for at least the last two years. It has followed me across the Atlantic and back. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, and can’t for the life of me remember why I put it there.

Oh, crap. Just learned that Peter Neumann died of covid this morning.

I invite you to speculate in the comments on what they might have been told in the associated class, but the poll concerns a first year secondary school question (in Italy) which asks:

"True or false, the successor to pi is pi+1".

Please boost to get beyond my bubble - thx.

Phew! It is done! I've signed a contract! I'm writing a book!

I'll be streaming the writing for as long as it seems good and interesting to do so. I'll be starting in January.

New Year's resolution: write a book.

Tentative table of contents:

Chapter 1 – How to Prove It
Chapter 2 – Logic and Set Theory
Chapter 3 – Real Numbers
Chapter 4 – Complex Numbers
Chapter 5 – Polynomials
Chapter 6 – Matrix Algebra
Chapter 7 – Derivatives
Chapter 8 – Iterated Function Systems
Chapter 9 – Analytic Functions
Chapter 10 – Möbius Transforms
Chapter 11 – Basic Number Theory
Chapter 12 – Groups
Chapter 13 – Elliptic Curves
Appendix A – Table of Notation

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Looking forward to it! Let me know if you run into any LaTeX issues/turing-tarpit-hellscapes, I spend a good chunk of my undergrad debugging other people's TeX, so I'm happy to lend a hand.

Any areas of maths in particular?

if you don't like someone, or an instance, block it. mute it. move on.

not everything needs a tumblr-esque cancellation campaign waged against it. not everything you take issue with needs some kind of social justice validation behind it.

not everything requires your input. or a response. escalation and counter-escalation are a thing and the fact so few people on this platform recognize that is very worrying.

@PINE64 I'm looking forward to ordering the as soon as its available. Has there been any discussion of a programmable multimeter/oscilloscope being made based on a similar hardware (RISC-V) platform? (it seems to me that anyone who'd buy the pinecil, would also be interested in it)

If you do go down that route: IMO, PineProbe would be a great name.

Ha ha ha, former $WORK is asking for money back. Almost 4 months after I left.

This - to me - is almost unbelievable. Old $WORK made a mistake TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO. Gave too big a bonus to all employees. Everyone.

They just woke up and are saying, in effect: "Remember that 2018 bonus? Yeah, well, uh... We made a mistake, so please reimburse us. Pronto. Here are the bank details".

F* those f*ing bastards. They will have to talk to my lawyer.

More reasons, if more are needed, that FB is a vile blot on the planet ... Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers:

Nothing says alcohol like posting a comment, closing a tab and then immediately trying to remember where you posted that comment and if it was a good idea.

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