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Phew! It is done! I've signed a contract! I'm writing a book!

I'll be streaming the writing for as long as it seems good and interesting to do so. I'll be starting in January.

New Year's resolution: write a book.

Tentative table of contents:

Chapter 1 – How to Prove It
Chapter 2 – Logic and Set Theory
Chapter 3 – Real Numbers
Chapter 4 – Complex Numbers
Chapter 5 – Polynomials
Chapter 6 – Matrix Algebra
Chapter 7 – Derivatives
Chapter 8 – Iterated Function Systems
Chapter 9 – Analytic Functions
Chapter 10 – Möbius Transforms
Chapter 11 – Basic Number Theory
Chapter 12 – Groups
Chapter 13 – Elliptic Curves
Appendix A – Table of Notation

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Looking forward to it! Let me know if you run into any LaTeX issues/turing-tarpit-hellscapes, I spend a good chunk of my undergrad debugging other people's TeX, so I'm happy to lend a hand.

Any areas of maths in particular?

if you don't like someone, or an instance, block it. mute it. move on.

not everything needs a tumblr-esque cancellation campaign waged against it. not everything you take issue with needs some kind of social justice validation behind it.

not everything requires your input. or a response. escalation and counter-escalation are a thing and the fact so few people on this platform recognize that is very worrying.

@PINE64 I'm looking forward to ordering the as soon as its available. Has there been any discussion of a programmable multimeter/oscilloscope being made based on a similar hardware (RISC-V) platform? (it seems to me that anyone who'd buy the pinecil, would also be interested in it)

If you do go down that route: IMO, PineProbe would be a great name.

Ha ha ha, former $WORK is asking for money back. Almost 4 months after I left.

This - to me - is almost unbelievable. Old $WORK made a mistake TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO. Gave too big a bonus to all employees. Everyone.

They just woke up and are saying, in effect: "Remember that 2018 bonus? Yeah, well, uh... We made a mistake, so please reimburse us. Pronto. Here are the bank details".

F* those f*ing bastards. They will have to talk to my lawyer.

More reasons, if more are needed, that FB is a vile blot on the planet ... Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers:

Nothing says alcohol like posting a comment, closing a tab and then immediately trying to remember where you posted that comment and if it was a good idea.

And a third, behind me. Should've noticed that one before, but I'm lazy and don't feel like turning my head

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And just as I say that a second has become barely visible

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For the last hour there has been a total of one star out. Why can't I live on the night-side of a tidally locked planet like the majority of the universe?

Anybody on fediverse want to recommend me a ? Preferably a brand that I can pick up cheap on ebay, but I'm open to splurging on something that will last a long time.

The worst thing I find about the summer is that despite so many clear warm nights for stargazing, they're so short and start so late.

"In that case," said Brutha triumphantly, "what does the turtle stand on?"
The tortoise gave him a blank stare.
"It doesn't standing on anything," it said. "It's a turtle, for heaven's sake. It swims. That's what turtles are for."
— Terry Pratchett, Small Gods (Discworld)

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