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Only gets you a minute of it, but that's enough tbh.

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Best way to view and is to queue up the muppets theme before looking at the feed.

Who Wants To Be a Fedi Millionaire 

@j Two.

@ColinTheMathmo You're in the UK, and I'm in Ireland, but it's almost always close enough when it comes to ISS passes (I'll go out a couple of minutes earlier)

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@ColinTheMathmo Wouldn't normally ask, but spotthestation is timing out for me. Any passes of the ISS tonight? Unsure but I may have seen crew dragon endeavour last night as a faint dot passing over the moon. Seemed to be about the right time, given rotation of the earth and orbital period (didn't work it out exactly, just back of the envelope with generous rounding and even more generous prosecco)

Tipsy before 2pm. Sangria was a good choice to finish off my 4 day weekend with.

My shuffled playlist just went from Jeff Wayne's "Brave New World" (War of the Worlds) to Chuck Berry's "Jonny B. Goode". Such a bizarre juxtaposition when listened to.

Some major retailers are refusing to accept and pay for garments ordered and now made, so this company is looking to sell them direct:

Haven’t had a nice clear night for stargazing (that wasn’t uncomfortably cold) for weeks. Doesn’t help that nobody around here is selling logs or coal right now (only charcoal for barbecues) so I can’t even have a fire going if I’m sitting out the back stargazing.

Anybody have a working image for the ? My only working suitable serial connector got bent recently, and rewiring it is a pain in the arse, so I’m waiting for a new one to arrive.

Made a loaf with nigella seeds last night. My god I need to use these more often.

Q: Why do communists drink fruit tea? A: Because proper tea is theft.

#OpenBSD could it be? Audio over hdmi.
Thank-you Damien Couderc and all OpenBSD developers! :flan_thumbs:

Am I the only one out there who plays racing sims simply to drive the most boring ass normal cars?

Sprained my neck almost immediately after waking up. I guess this weekend is a write-off.

Short blog post on getting started with ed(1) 

A little thin on details, but providing it for completeness.

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