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Sprained my neck almost immediately after waking up. I guess this weekend is a write-off.

Short blog post on getting started with ed(1) 

A little thin on details, but providing it for completeness.

@raichoo cool! Here's a joke about a mathematician's log working on proving a theorem:

Day 1. I tried to prove the theorem.
Day 2. I tried to prove the theorem.
Day 3. I tried to prove the theorem.
Day 4. I tried to prove the theorem.
Day 5. I tried to prove the theorem.
Day 6. Success! I disproved the theorem.

Conway has died.

People here might know him best for the "Game of Life", but he did so much more. The book about Conway by Siobhan Roberts is an interesting read about the man and his work.

Some will know Conway via is work on the Classification of Finite Simple Groups (with *many* others), some via his "Look and Say" sequence, while still others will know his book "Winning Ways", written with Richard Guy and Elwyn Berlekamp. My copy signed by all three is something I treasure.

rm -rf'ed my $HOME today. Not my proudest moment.

TIL that CD audio is at 44.1 kHz because humans can only hear up to 22.05 kHz and by the sampling theorem, if we sample at twice the frequency we get a perfect recreation.

@j Normally if I'm planning a library day I wear an extra thick sweater. :) But the heat was on last week, and I didn't expect the cold snap.

The feature I mist most of all when not using , is ifconfig handling wifi. Linux is a shitshow in comparison (although iwd, recommended by the handbook, looks promising)

I occasionally use to access papers that are freely available, purely because unlike many journal sites, it doesn't require me to run javascript.

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one. -- Marcus Aurelius

Let's make a Linux distro that simulates the phone experience by just refusing to continue updating after two years and then you have to go to some forum and download a patched image for your computer built by someone called queefburglar69

Spent 5 minutes troubleshooting why my distraction-filled social/news sites weren't working this morning before I remembered I'd blocked them in /etc/hosts yesterday.

Looking to play around with . Can anyone recommend a PowerBook/MacBook with good support?

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