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Still impressed with the battery life. Been using it for a few (2.5ish? maybe even 3+) hours while travelling, and used it to charge my phone 20%.

Only dropped to 54%

The wifi access point in Brewdog here in assigned me an in the 1*8* block.


As of today we now have the ability to process credit card payments!
Thanx to #bunq


@PINE64 For anybody wondering, I've been (a) busy interviewing and (b) waiting on a delivery of microSD cards, and that's why I've fallen silent. Once they arrive, I'll go ahead and upload some fully tested images.

Anyone else on mathstodon doing ? If there's enough of us, would it be worth setting up a private leaderboard?

I keep pondering creating a social media or mutual tech support site for real geeks.

Accessible only via IPv6, requires DNSSEC validating resolve to reach, and only works if you're running an adblocker.

"Oh, you can't see this site? Too bad. Your network isn't good enough."

The Swedish phoneme notorious for having its own dedicated IPA symbol, /ɧ/

(submitted by vilhelm_s)

OpenBSD in 2019 

@solene Little bit late, but after your toot I found a deal on .tube domains and picked up I'm happy to pay for the domain name for the foreseeable future if anybody has the hardware/resources and wants to use it to host a peertube instance for BSD conference talks (and any other content from BSD users / developers like

@k Now we just need to find an @l@... to keep it going.

Raspberry Pi Zero W finally arrived! Unfortunately, I've just realised that every single one of my microSD cards is 200km away, on the other side of the country.

Existe-t-il un logiciel libre permettant de faire le design de son jardin ?

How do you run a 50 year-old version of #UNIX on a 55 year-old computer for the first time in 45 years? We'll let LCM+L's Engineering Manager Stephen Jones tell you in person! His Gallery Talk is FREE as part of our First Thursday hours: #UNIX50

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