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a guide to types of women 

normal women: women who are perpendicular to the floor plane

natural women: women who are a non-negative integer

regular women: women who are equiangular and equilateral

real women: women contained within the complete ordered field

I love this example of vintage game graphics rendered on their intended target, a CRT, vs. modern pixel-perfect emulation. On the CRT they look much more depthy and almost more detailed as you brain fills in the blurred gaps

From this neat article:

Does there exists a mathematical object which cannot be prefixed with the adjective normal?

\(\exists x \wedge \nexists\) normal \(x\)?

Oh, no, 'Linux' is just one part of the operating system. The whole package that you're thinking of is actually called GNU's Monster.

Hey fediverse, I’m looking for a #job in IT!
I’ve got six years of experience in the field and I’ve been managing a fairly large homelab for a few years too. I can work with Unix-like systems (both #BSD and #Linux) and networks.
I have decent experience in automation, both by scripting myself and using Ansible, and I can write code as well (mainly Go these days but I can pick up Python again if needed, and I’m not against learning new languages).
I’m looking for an interesting and challenging position in systems and/or networks engineering, or more specific stuff like storage, virtualization or even databases. Pretty much anywhere in the European Union is fine (I’ve got french citizenship), including full remote jobs, and I don’t mind having to travel regularly.
You’ll find my resume here and a bit more on the stuff I do in my homelab here. Boosts appreciated!

Whoo boy, this is the most public statement I've ever signed:

Let's hope some good for comes of this all.

"No one would have believed, in the last years of the 19th century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space."

@hirojin oh, the OOM killer is easy to understand: it will always fire too late and kill the most critical process

Any other finitists/constructivists here on mathstodon?


"The Game" is propagated at elementary schools to educate children of the concept of an antimeme.

Sucht ihr nach einem neuen Bastelprojekt? Wie wäre es mit dem TTL-Mikrocomputer @gigatronTTL, präsentiert von Marcel van Kervinck auf dem VCFB 2019? Alles zum Gigatron findet ihr hier:

Be sure to test this! jcs@ has done the seemingly impossible, in addition to further refining the pledges for Firefox, and adding new pledges for the GPU process, he's also done the heavy lifting to add unveil(2) support! Reducing the very broad {r,w,c}path filesystem access.


RT I've been working on enhancing the security of OpenBSD's Firefox port over the past couple weeks and would like some wider testing

Google kind of sucks. I am curious about how close to the speed of light we can get (in a spaceship for instance). We're not even close to 0.01c as things stand, but I have many questions: are there engineering reasons to believe we will/won't get to p*c for any p? What tech is being proposed/ruled out etc. no matter what I search, google shows me things like "why can't we/what would happen if we go faster than light?" and all sorts of intro stuff that I already know.

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