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Not a fan of these, but this one certainly has it's charm:

I finally got my Minecraft account back after months, and all I am thinking is

DRM is bullshit and we should all just be investing in Minetest instead 😕

what's the worst wordpress plugin you've ever found

Hello @PINE64 :D

as is loading many Google/Tracking-Scripts, may i introduce you to

That is an open source, selfhosted alternative to Google Analytics/

Google has already a big monopoly [in the advertisement market]( (Source: ), and in general on the internet.


Sent an "intuitive" explanation via the comment form. Only realised it was you after I clicked the follow on mastodon link. In brief, it's because log10(2) ≈ 0.3, and the fractional part of {0.3 n} is periodic with order 10.

@j According to "The Meaning of Liff" that's called "Woking", from the verb "To woke". Usually of the kitchen, but now more generally applied.

Woking (ptcpl. vb.): Standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for.


Also here:

Walking into a room and forgetting why you're there feels like the mental equivalent of swapping out to disk.

One of my favorite KöMaL problems (B. 4463): "In the Four-square Round Forest, trees form a regular triangular lattice. Is it possible to build a fence around a rectangular part of the forest such that the vertices of the rectangle are lattice points and the number of lattice points on the boundary of the rectangle is the same as in the interior?"

Dammit, there's an interesting tweet thread, but it's literally in progress so linking to it means you'd have to check back later for the exciting conclusion. In all my years of complaining about tweet threads, this is actually a failure case I hadn't considered. Dribbling your blog post out a sentence at a time means early readers only see partial content.

Ironically, it's a thread about encryption, and delivering partial results from a decryption stream without an integrity check is a huge no no.

finally found a packet driver for my laptop. network card sent its first packets in over a decade.

...oh no

I read the GNU Image Manipulation Program naming issue thread.

On this day a year ago we started with a small side project to host OpenBSD VMs on OpenBSD.

We couldn't imagine the interest that followed, 283 VMs, 8 hosts dedicated to vmm(4)/vmd(8).

Thank you all! And a huge thanks to @mlarkin, @reyk and Ori Bernstein


Why is it that (-like) and are the pinacle of workstation operating systems available today?

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