Personally I have always enjoyed a well-given chalkboard talk (or any live, write-as-you-go talk).

What chalkboard talks have you attended that stood out as exemplary?

I've experience a wide variety of chalkboard talks with different flavors, depending on the style of the speaker.

Some speakers were very slow, but so methodical and elucidating that major results appeared trivial.

Some were enthusiastic and engaging, and got me really excited about the work they were doing. This excitement has stuck with me to this day, even if I'm not actually contributing to that line of research.

Some were notable for their ability to "let you in the club" by connecting the informal ideas and vague intuitions to the rigorous math.

Others included fascinating historical context, or posed the problem in a more engaging way.

Many started with simplified, tractable versions of the more general problems and generalized.

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