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>when being a public slut gets you off, so you write articles about how much of a slut you are under the pretense of "acceptance" and "liberation"
conductor we have a problem.

@velartrill Gonna be blunt, as a writer who's written some shite, those short blunt paragraphs read like someone getting off on what they're writing as they're writing it.

@velartrill Not to put too fine a point on it, but

> declaring that rape fantasies were "all about consent"

Isn't that the definition of it?

@velartrill Who's giving out those research grants and how do I apply to them?

I'd like to investigate the impact on early retirement of sitting on ones arse for a decade doing fuck all.

@JordiGH I've never been able to see how copying digital media is morally different to purchasing media second hand. In neither case is the original creator paid (except in certain specific circumstances when it comes to sales of the original artwork/paintings, at least here in Ireland).

@tedu I hate headlines like these. Without a form factor it tells you nothing. You can make a 400TB drive right now if you're willing to settle for a 1U sized enclosure per drive...

More reasons, if more are needed, that FB is a vile blot on the planet ... Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers: popular.info/p/facebook-create

My struggle is (3). Especially the second part.

@fluxom_alt @cozykaffe Tubes are more versatile than your bigoted limitations

Nothing says alcohol like posting a comment, closing a tab and then immediately trying to remember where you posted that comment and if it was a good idea.

@envgen Honestly if somebody changes the colorscheme of their profile pic I'm prone to forget who they were.

@ColinTheMathmo I haven't! Do you have a link? That's exactly the sort of think I'd love. One of the best things I found about FOSDEM this year, I've found, is just going to random pubs in brussels and meeting software developers.

Although who knows how that's going to be next year.

@ColinTheMathmo As sad as it may sound, I have finished everything I wanted to do today around the house and am now relaxing with some wine.

Can't think of a more relaxing way I could be spending this solstice right now. Cheers for reminding me, and as always, if you're ever in Dublin/Mayo Ireland, I'll be happy to buy you a drink (if only, in your case, for running a great ISS tracker, haha).

@Citizenzibb @beegrrl @ataraxia937 Hey I'm a little late to reply, but I didn't mean to interject and imply I'm touting OpenBSD's security; as a small project it has had its fair share of vulnerabilities too.

Where OpenBSD shines though tends to be in its simplicity rather than security. For any system daemons like vmm, everything gets configured in /etc text files, usually using a syntax similar to other openbsd config files.

GNOME Boxes is just a black box(es) in comparison.

@beegrrl @ataraxia937 Never could get it working myself. Probably just laziness on my part, although I was trying to install Haiku last time I used it IIRC. Not exactly top of the list of supported OSes on Boxes.

@beegrrl I've a love-hate relationship with it; I'm working tech support for a large cloud provider 🙃

@beegrrl @ataraxia937 Do people actually use boxes? Only interface (other than the cli when I wanna spin something up quickly) I use to qemu/kvm is virt-manager, and that's only because I'm not arsed remembering the hundred different inconsistent command line flags. I love QEMU/KVM, but it could be a hell of a lot better.

When I have the option I use OpenBSD's vmm(4).

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