@velartrill a short one, in fairness. I've had it aliased to "fext" for a while

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@sir And what proportion of those emails contain diffs?

@JordiGH Depends on how much one uses it. If you can ditch social media apps, and minimize browser usage, turn off wifi/bluetooth except when needed, maybe even load it with LineageOS, you'll probably get a few days out of it.

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...oh no

I read the GNU Image Manipulation Program naming issue thread.

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On this day a year ago we started with a small side project to host OpenBSD VMs on OpenBSD.

We couldn't imagine the interest that followed, 283 VMs, 8 hosts dedicated to vmm(4)/vmd(8).

Thank you all! And a huge thanks to @mlarkin, @reyk and Ori Bernstein


@pea Have you tried turning it off and on again?

@pea Happens to the best of us.

Happened to me during a quantum field theory exam. Turns out I don't understand quantum field theory. Instead I get to repeat the exam mid august.

It also happens to the worst of us.

Why is it that (-like) and are the pinacle of workstation operating systems available today?

Ugh. Why didn't take over the world.

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@JordiGH Eh, still less weird than the power set axiom.

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@velartrill Yeah, the process also has to be designed with systemd in mind, which is a pain. At that point it's as easy to just start out as root and then drop privileges—far more portable too.

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