@JordiGH Saw your last toot first.

How hasn't that pun/wordplay been made more often?

@PINE64 I'm looking forward to ordering the as soon as its available. Has there been any discussion of a programmable multimeter/oscilloscope being made based on a similar hardware (RISC-V) platform? (it seems to me that anyone who'd buy the pinecil, would also be interested in it)

If you do go down that route: IMO, PineProbe would be a great name.

@JordiGH As someone who left academia after their bachelors to pursue a life according to the rules of acquisition, I don't disagree. Most maths departments don't do research on fundamentals.

Nothing wrong with thinking about set theory. Just make sure no journal editors hear you thinking about it ;) lest you die a slow death via lack of tenure.

@JordiGH I say consistency... probably a bad turn of phrase. I don't mean in the Gödel sense. I just mean in the sense of well... palatability.

@JordiGH I just think, that if we are going to discuss mathematics in a language with finite symbols, we're going to get stuck unless we're discussing it in a language that's also finite in some regard. That is a simplistic and very reductive argument, but, right now I don't have a better one.

It's a lot easier to argue consistency when you don't have to count to infinity.

@JordiGH Philosophically, I'm a wannabe finitist. I don't disagree that Peano arithmetic or ZFC are necessarily unsound, or that the proofs using them are somehow invalid. I'm a pragmatic finitist. I don't discount infinity. I agree that the axioms lead to useful results. I just don't think that they necessarily correspond to some mathematical "reality", whatever that is.

Well-ordering is uncomfortable no matter your perspective. At times it feels like it should be equivalent to countable.

@velartrill I'm irish, so I've not nationalist stake in this. Just a fan of cooking super-unhealthy dishes.

@velartrill I'd also ask that if your german partner doesn't think a chicago deep dish pizza consisting almost entirely of cheese and meat isn't food... well... are they really german? /s

@velartrill > the only good things we have we stole from other cultures, and generally fucked those up

Honestly that's a dumb argument IMO. Anything culinary invented after the european discovery of the americas could be argued to be stolen.

To be honest, I think the real mistake here is treating the US as one culture (I'm probably preaching to the choir). American cuisine ≠ American food, in my vocab. American cuisine involves innovations ranging from cajun to chicago deep dish. Not "food"...

@JordiGH I've been out of maths for a while, but thanks for reminding me that the term woset exists. I am a simple (finite) man.

@velartrill Wow. I don't disagree that some american food is great (but a lot of mainstream stuff is overloaded with sugar—even fucking bread, what the fuck), but the idea that it's all "fucking great" screams to me of someone who's never understood the idea of nuance or subtlety.

cant find a sdcard below 32gb fml anyhow

@dmh And again, if you ever change you're mind I'll happily ship the <32gb stuff I have. Tbh, I probably wouldn't even charge for it. It'd be a couple of euro at most to me, which I'm not that bothered about.

@dmh Fair enough. What are you looking for at that price? I've found 64gb+ to be pretty cheap usually.

@dmh Tbh, the US is probably fine too, especially as SD cards will fit inside an letter envelope no problem.

@dmh Where are you? If you're in europe I've at least 1 (probably 3 or 4) 8GB SD cards that I've no use for that I'll happily send for cost of shipping.

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