@ColinTheMathmo That was a pretty good pass from here in Ireland. Zero cloud cover, so a great evening for stargazing—even if I am in a suburban area.

@vaartis The markdown compiles down to latex anyway. So your document will still be typeset by latex. It's worth looking into at least, IMO, and you can still insert arbitrary latex wherever you want.

If you've any queries about it, feel free to ask me.

@vaartis I prefer to write as much as possible in pandoc markdown, using latex for math and diagrams.

It has it's own quirks, but it felt more maintainable than long latex documents.

@velartrill Jesus. Nothing so bad here. We've been able to restock as necessary from local shops. Some online retailers have a ~4 week delay for delivery, but there aren't many locationshere that don't have a local shop they can buy the necessitities from.

@velartrill Nice. I've taken over the family home, while everyone else has fled to the country-side. There's been no shortage of flour here in Ireland. Everything is still fucking surreal though

@cathal I'm sorry, but I have to:

That's wrong for shitty reasons.

There I'm done. I'm sorry.

@velartrill Been a while since we've chatted. How's the apocalypse going there for you? Personally, it's been pretty surreal.

My G5 project computer. It’s been staring at me for months. I’m hoping the kids will help me finish it while they’re home from school. It would be nice to get it up and running again. #OpenBSD

@stebby Nice. Gl. I've been meaning to pick up a g4 or g5 system myself to play around with. As soon as my first paycheck comes in from this new job I'm gonna finally restore my sunblade 100 workstation (and upgrade it to 2GB of ram in the process).

Idk what it is exactly, but having grown up with being universal I've a morbid curiosity for other arches (especially big endian ones). Currently typing this from an laptop (although sadly on linux not bsd).

@christianp not my first rodeo. Backups and synchronization of dotfiles have paid off. All I lost was a few early drafts of short stories and
some browser bookmarks. Thanks though.

rm -rf'ed my $HOME today. Not my proudest moment.

@Ajz *people called romans, they go to the 'ouse

TIL that CD audio is at 44.1 kHz because humans can only hear up to 22.05 kHz and by the sampling theorem, if we sample at twice the frequency we get a perfect recreation.

@j Normally if I'm planning a library day I wear an extra thick sweater. :) But the heat was on last week, and I didn't expect the cold snap.

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