@Mia They do, they're just orthogonal to you. Thus their projection onto you is zero, and there is no overlap or interaction.

(I love how overloaded the word "normal" is in mathematics 😂 )

@yojimbo @nomad If you haven't seen it already, let me introduce you to "Atomic Rockets",


Super useful resource for writing hard sci-fi, and I reference it all the time. I actually first encountered the idea of AEA from "A Deepness in the Sky"! But I first saw it formalised on the page I linked in my last toot, which I stumbled on from the atomic rockets measurement page.

There's a ton of fascinating, if not necessarily useful (unless you're writing SF) stuff on there.

@nomad @yojimbo Just use UNIX time for everything—or, even better and exactly the same, After Epoch Astronauticum: transform.to/%7Edragondm/aea.h i.e. time since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, with the epoch rounded up to the nearest year.

usb, inconceivable! 

@pkra You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.

But I feel you. I'm always out of the exact USB cable I need, be it micro, mini, type-A, type-B, or C.

Obscure-ish topic, but does anybody here have any textbook / expository paper recommendations for contact geometry?

It's been a while now since my degree, but I've had to help out a sibling with some thermodynamics homework, and it's sparked my interest in the geometric side of physics again.

@11011110 How about "bit"? /s

But yeah, as fun as it would be for me to tell people I were working on "Coq", I can equally imagine how mortifying and then demeaning it might be.

beta board arriving tomorrow! (According to DHL. So it might be another two weeks)

@ogmaconnect @tedu is it possible to donate to FreeBSD with a public mention of tedu@ in the comment?

@jsiehler I like to use \((\xi, \upsilon, \zeta)\) instead of adding primes, i.e. \((x', y', z')\).

@ZevenKorian Why are you even specifying \(a\)? \(Df\) should be enough. It's up to the student to figure out for themselves that we're at \(a\).

It builds character.

@ColinTheMathmo Did you reboot your script? That last message seems to be a duplicate and it's off by twenty minutes.

@JordiGH Sounds reasonable. It's usually brought up when learning how to invert a binary tree if I recall correctly.

@xp_eileen_maths Ah yes, the well known triangle equality; or: if someone believes that, they'll believe anything?

@polychrome Plus I'm a sucker for smooth UI.

The latest iPadOS on an iPad Pro just flows beautifully on that 120Hz display.

@polychrome That meme still going? Nice.

On desktop alone I've switched from ubuntu to gentoo to arch to gentoo to arch to macos to arch to openbsd to macos in the last 7-8 years or so. There's a few distros / OSes I've missed out on in there, but those are the main ones.

My main reason for macOS these days are scrivener (yes, I've tried manuskript, it doesn't work), and the fact it gets app sanboxing right. (I'm playing around with some unveil/pledge wrappers in OpenBSD that get me 90% there)


@christianp Took me a second.

If anybody is looking for a hint, a multiple of 5¹⁰⁰ is another easy one.

COVID, humour (?) 

@bremner Circles are shrinking alongside the economy apparently.

@JordiGH ...Is there a third weapon that can be arranged as below? (from google images "drunk knife trick"):

freaking out, +++ 

@mwlucas Great news. Somebody's gotta write Absolute OpenBSD 3rd. Edition. (and Savaged by Systemd v248).

Based on the current roll out in Ireland, I don't see myself getting it until late august / september at the earliest. I did contract COVID over Christmas, which left me out sick from (remote) work for two weeks, so hopefully that'll leave me with some immunity until then.

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