@ColinTheMathmo Strange. With gravity it tends to be the opposite. The fall never kills, but the ground afterward can be deadly.

@codepuppy Bonus points: alcohol can result in vasoconstriction, meaning you'll feel even colder if you drink.

@philvuchetich It really comes down to personal preference in a case like this. Do you prefer emacs or vim keybindings?

Assuming you stick to default(ish) keybindings, vi(m) gets you the advantage of being somewhat universal.

If you switch to emacs, you get much more (and easier) customisability (I'm saying that as a die-hard vim user), but at the expense of having to move your config with you.

There are a lot of trade offs either way.

@JordiGH > Maybe there's no way I can explain the incompleteness of the rationals via programming analogies.

Building analogies like that is something I've thought a lot about. I had a somewhat nonstandard science education, in that I got into programming before my teens, but then studied for a theoretical physics, and then switched to a maths degree in university.

Any chance you'd like to throw out and spitball ideas over a video call over the next few days?

Linguistics, not entirely joking 

@WizardOfDocs Just spitballing, my knowledge of ancient greek is limited, but would androphobia fit? (Gynophobia would be the equivalent fear of women).

@swirlz Shal kek nem ron!

...I may have rewatched this too many times.

@ZevenKorian Oh god.

The PD notation for vector fields is nice is many contexts, but here...

Oh god.

@ZevenKorian Welcome to mathstodon. The answer to your question is probably yes, but I'm looking forward to thinking it through. Welcome!

@EdgarMartinezMoro Hey, welcome to Mathstodon. What's your favourite finite simple group?

@ZevenKorian Just find a book on group theory and read it almost twice.

@florian You dragged it so that you wouldn't have to interact with each other as human beings, that's all.

I am an artist. I am flexible.

I have had a small length of CAT-5 cable in my coat pocket for at least the last two years. It has followed me across the Atlantic and back. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, and can’t for the life of me remember why I put it there.

Oh, crap. Just learned that Peter Neumann died of covid this morning.

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