@velartrill Eh, it's a semi serious belief at best.

Whether we're all fucked or not depends on a lot of factors.

@velartrill That's an awfully simplistic view.

I prefer the even more simplistic view: we're all fucked in the next 50 years anyway.

@ColinTheMathmo Can you elaborate on the topic and what you're planning so far? At this point, I feel it's more surprising if something can't emulate a computer (/turing machine) than the alternative.

if you don't like someone, or an instance, block it. mute it. move on.

not everything needs a tumblr-esque cancellation campaign waged against it. not everything you take issue with needs some kind of social justice validation behind it.

not everything requires your input. or a response. escalation and counter-escalation are a thing and the fact so few people on this platform recognize that is very worrying.

@ColinTheMathmo Got a link to what you were nerd sniped by? Wouldn't mind being sniped myself.

@tedu On second thought it would be easier to fake an ancient manuscript that includes an "I deleted my facebook account" emoji.

@ogmaconnect "Seosamh Dáibhís" de réir ortagrafaíocht na Gaeilge, ach is é Joe an t-ainm ab fhearr liom.

@ogmaconnect Whoops, is ceart duit gurb é "díbh" (ní "díobh") a bhíos ag iarraí scríobh. Deirtear "dibh" (gan an fada), i nGaeilge na hAlbann, agus is é sin an fá a cheapas go raibh tú mar cainteoir na Gàidhlige (an t-ainm atá uirthi ansin).

@ogmaconnect A bheil Gàidhlig agad? Níl ach Gaeilge agamsa, ach táim in ann an Ghàidhlig a thuiscint.

(Guessing Gaelic and not Irish because you said dibh instead of díobh)

@tedu Hmm...

Mastodon, one of the more common pieces of fediverse server software, allows for custom emoji.

Were you to design an "I deleted my facebook account" emoji, get enough servers to implement it and get it in regular use, then Unicode might actually accept that proposal.

@MadestMadness Ah, I'm rereading your toots now and I see what you mean.

I think part of the problem with the Fedi dividing itself is that it's already pretty small. Dividing it further could make it harder for it to catch on (and could lead to xkcd.com/927/ )

There are toxic servers, but they are the minority, thankfully.

It would be nice if there were a way to subscribe to groups of instances though (meta-instances of some kind, maybe implemented through some standardized tags)

@MadestMadness This wouldn't require any protocol changes, and would mean that censorship of an instance would be decided by the community you've chosen to join rather than the whims of the admins of that community

@MadestMadness I wonder if this could be handled to an extent by somehow weighting instances in the Federated timeline by how many users on your instances subscribe to other users on them (and correspondingly adding negative weights if users on those other instances are blocked by users on yours).

geographical designation whinging 

@JordiGH Really weird to me though that mexico isn't included in their definition of "the west". To me, "the west" should include most of the americas, due to the heavy colonial influence.

geographical designation whinging 

@JordiGH You've probably already seen it, but xkcd.com/503/

I feel like the caucasus mountains should've been taken to be the meridian rather than Greenwich. Then the West/East divide would be closer to accuracy, although still not ideal.

@bremner Honestly, quickest way is download an install68.iso or cd68.iso, fire it up in a VM, and repeatedly press enter for every prompt except that for the root password.

@JordiGH Saw your last toot first.

How hasn't that pun/wordplay been made more often?

@PINE64 I'm looking forward to ordering the as soon as its available. Has there been any discussion of a programmable multimeter/oscilloscope being made based on a similar hardware (RISC-V) platform? (it seems to me that anyone who'd buy the pinecil, would also be interested in it)

If you do go down that route: IMO, PineProbe would be a great name.

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