Having a ton of fun playing around with wasm4[1], a fantasy console[2].

My wireframe renderer is coming along nicely, using the same logic for determining occlusion as the original 1984 Elite. The hard part isn't the code, or the two lines of linear algebra that it really boils down to. It's labeling the vertices in the right order, so that face normal vectors come out pointing the right direction.

[1]: wasm4.org/
[2]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_

My ISP seems to be hijacking all DNS requests, regardless of server, so that they can blackhole facebook traffic (facebook.com is being routed to I can run DNS queries against example.com and still get results:

I've think I've got a new favourite paper.

"The Meanderings of a Weapon Oriented Mind When Applied in a Vacuum Such as the Moon"

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