My Mac Mini just died while I was trying to upgrade it to the latest . I hadn't booted it in a few months.

I'm hoping it's just a blown capacitor somewhere or another component that's easily replaceable.

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@j Electrolytics are notorious for drying out then failing. Hopefully a simple fix.

It's been a while since I've used my soldering iron. Hopefully that doesn't fail too so that I'm not left with a bootstrapping problem haha.

Not sure when I'll get around to fixing it to be honest. I have a broken sunblade sitting behind my desk for a few years now, despite knowing the fix (replacing the NVRAM battery:; I think I'll have to just set aside a whole day sometime soon to go through my broken hardware queue and choose what to repair or scrap.

@j Hint. If you know which capacitor is gone it's easier to cut the leads off next to the board then unsolder the cut leads. Those big caps can be cut flush to the board which means this trick won't work.

Yes I have owned a SUN 3/60 and a SUN Sparcstation in the past and I am well aware of the the dead NVRAM problems. ;)

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