cant find a sdcard below 32gb fml anyhow


@dmh Where are you? If you're in europe I've at least 1 (probably 3 or 4) 8GB SD cards that I've no use for that I'll happily send for cost of shipping.

@dmh Tbh, the US is probably fine too, especially as SD cards will fit inside an letter envelope no problem.

@j well, i found a few but thank you anyway. ancient sdcard isnt worth the stamps

@dmh Fair enough. What are you looking for at that price? I've found 64gb+ to be pretty cheap usually.

@dmh And again, if you ever change you're mind I'll happily ship the <32gb stuff I have. Tbh, I probably wouldn't even charge for it. It'd be a couple of euro at most to me, which I'm not that bothered about.

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