Looking to play around with . Can anyone recommend a PowerBook/MacBook with good support?

@j the powerbook G4 works really well, I use it for my "offline" computer :)
I also have a Macmini G4 which works great.

I don't think G5 hardware works well though.

@solene Thanks I'll look into it :). I'll probably buy it around the same time I get a new second-hand thinkpad (soon, my X1C2 is dying)

I must try out openbsd on my pinebookpro soon. If it can run cwm, vi and firefox, I'll be able to replace linux on it.

@j Avoid the 12" models since they have nvidia graphics. Powerbook G4 models with radeon cards have far better graphics support. The built-in wifi is supported on none of them (well, there's bwi(4) but it's full of bugs) so get a supported USB wifi dongle as well if needed.


@stsp Just the advice I was looking for. Had you not said anything I might have looked for a 12" model. Thankfully I've a few usb dongles around, but I'm not too interested them for wifi, I just don't happen to own any ppc devices but would like to. I already have a sparc64 workstation, devices that range from armv4 to armv8, soon a mips64 router, and hopefully a riscv board by the end of the year. If I had the cash I'd get a blackbird, but that silicon valley money needs a visa unfortunately.

@j @solene I hope to be able to purchase a Pinebook Pro one day, their web site doesn't make it easy!

@blocknonip @solene I’d highly recommend it. I’m currently using Manjaro (but I’ve Void on another microSD card that I’ll switch to soon if I can’t get OpenBSD) and the battery life is phenomenal for a cheap *NIX laptop. Keyboard is decent, nothing phenomenal. I’ve found that the touchpad seemingly works better under wayland than X11, but I haven’t looked into why—it might just be a matter of changing a setting or two. 4G of RAM is still pretty usable these days.

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