Any friendly e-book readers?

(Alternatively, is custom kindle firmware possible? Might be possible to bootstrap or on it—I'm assuming it's ARM/Linux based, never really looked into it)

@mjjzf Yup, preferably with an e-ink display.

@j I totally get why you would want that.
I have been using Android apps for it, but e-ink is a different thing entirely.

@j @acciomath I use an old Kobo which works well with Calibre (but I didn't replace the firmware or anything)

@ehashman Part of the reason I'd like to migrate away from kindle, is actually to get away from calibre. I don't like their approach to security, and adding questionable suid binaries to my $PATH. The fact that the author is adamant about remaining on python 2 even once it reaches EOL, insisting that he can maintain a fork himself makes me pretty eager to move on.

Based on the replies so far, I'm gonna try get koreader running on the kindle and later see about bootstrapping another OS.

@j some people managed to install debian on a kobo reader. works because their os is some custom linux with a qt ui. but not exactly "foss friendly"

@lapor Nice! Thank you! Those look great and pretty affordable.

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