@11011110 Oo! Are they related to the poet Linton Quasi-Johnson? ;-) (I shall have a look at Qvist when I have the time.)

@Catbread It always takes me a moment to figure out it's not some variant of Lambert's W function.

@christianp Thanks for keeping the place safe and pleasant, Christian!

@ColinTheMathmo "Special case" is the helpful answer. "Non-anagram" is the not-helpful one.

@christianp It's 83*13. (After checking 2, 3, 5, my next step is subtracting 1001 to look for 7, 11, 13).

@hafnia Er, not sure where the pp came from. I’ll pretend I got an underling to do my tooting for me.


@hafnia Over on birdsite, you might enjoy searching the hashtag.

@christianp I think would be drawn by some mysterious force towards geomags.

@mjd I reckon you could leverage special triangles to reduce your workload -- 15, 30 and 45º are all very straightforward, and would need only 1º to 7º to refine them. I think 18 and 36º are simple, too, so you could get multiples of 3º exactly. Everything is within 1º of those :o)

@petrilaarne I was about to suggest reduction formulas and various other close cousins :-)

@ColinTheMathmo (Noodling about, 41 appears to be a better number than 43; apart from F₀, any counterexample has at least 74 digits; I can write properer code later on.)

@christianp You can do a similar sort of comb with the middle row:

@Absolutely_Blakely@knzk.me it’s something I wish I’d done many years before I finally did. I also wish I’d tried different doctors until I found one who wanted to help me get better rather than treat the symptoms. Good luck!

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