side effect of listening to a podcast while I type this math assignment: I just started typing a sentence about a "political decomposition" of a surface

@gleech (also I can't believe I didn't pick up on the Tai-kun/tycoon connection...)

@gleech nitpick: I think "Sānlíng" is a calque of "Mitsubishi", not a transliteration:

cryptic toots bc I've been watching this performance of Einstein on the Beach:

curiously poetic statement from my CS textbook: "The collector walks through the heap, tentatively marking every block as 'useless'."

sometimes you want the textbook to give you *fewer* hints, y'know?

kinda want a reMarkable, I'm annoyed that there's no way to move files back & forth directly and no official Linux support but otherwise it seems great

Wilfred Owen sure does like the word "titanic"

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and if anyone asks you, was trees

guy in my dorm is talking about using Lagrangian mechanics to find an analytic solution to the three-body problem, and, well, I don't have the heart to tell him

ah these are the days my friends, and these *are* the days, my friends

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