sometimes you want the textbook to give you *fewer* hints, y'know?

kinda want a reMarkable, I'm annoyed that there's no way to move files back & forth directly and no official Linux support but otherwise it seems great

Wilfred Owen sure does like the word "titanic"

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and if anyone asks you, was trees

some shit being talked about Lawvere in this math department lounge

guy in my dorm is talking about using Lagrangian mechanics to find an analytic solution to the three-body problem, and, well, I don't have the heart to tell him

ah these are the days my friends, and these *are* the days, my friends

exception motivated by the example of "Croot-Lev-Pach", which is fine

no naming things after three mathematicians at once unless they all have one-syllable names

(Ian Bostridge is great too but I have a hard time taking him seriously because of the faces he makes while singing)

Anna Netrebko and Thomas Hampson are so good in this performance: (check out the "Liber scriptus proferetur" at 18:08 and "Be slowly lifted up" at 27:57)

few words are more fun to say than "compact"

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