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I'm interested most seriously in math--analysis more than algebra, learning lately about combinatorial/incidence geometry (e.g. the Erdős distinct-distance problem)--and programming--mostly in Haskell, although I'm curious about C and systems-level things as well. On the amateur plane I like classical music and read haphazardly in the s-f/litfic/poetry space. I try to learn from the example of people who're more knowledgeable or skillful than I am.

on this day in 1665: Samuel Pepys's work habits are criticized by a guy named Mr. Hater

"Das Firmament blaut ewig, und die Erde / Wird lange fest steh'n und aufblüh'n im Lenz. / Du aber, Mensch, wie lang lebst denn du? / Nicht hundert Jahre darfst du dich ergötzen / An all dem morschen Tande dieser Erde!"--poetry about the inevitability of death is especially appealing to me for some reason (also featuring: the odd verb "blauen", coming I assume from "das Blau" = "blue" and hence meaning "to blue, to be blue")

Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Path-Connectedness

(a2ps on an empty file followed by ps2pdf worked)

spent 15 minutes earlier today trying to create a blank PDF file, folks

woah: "In the p-adic integers, congruences are approximations: for a and b in Zₚ, a ≡ b mod pⁿ is the same as |a−b|ₚ ≤ 1/pⁿ. Turning information modulo one power of p
into similar information modulo a higher power of p can be interpreted as improving an approximation."

today in "cognates to famous mathematicians' names": "Atle", as in Atle Selberg, is a Norwegian variant of "Attila", as in Attila the Hun

tfw you started typing your equation inside \[ \] but it gets too long so you have to go back and change to \begin{align*} \end{align*}

my career aspirations at this point are basically "whatever it is that Dan Piponi does"

Danish: how many levels of front rounded vowels are you on?
German: like 2 or 3 my dude
Danish: you are like a little baby. watch this:

"our estimates are failing! we need a new, even less precise notation to rescue them"

Bruckner is the only composer who satisfies the part of me that just wants to hear that one good part of a piece over and over again

only potential problem is that there's not much contrast between movements 4 and 6 in tempo, so inserting a minute or two of silence as a substitute might not be a bad idea

Mahler 3 could totally do without the fifth movement tbh

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