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If you can't vote for the candidate you prefer and instead feel obligated to vote for one you hate the least, you are not free.

"One couldn't help being exhilarated at the sudden and unexpected collapse of the stupid, gigantic fraud."

-Edmund Wilson, New Republic, 1932

Still true today.

More reasons, if more are needed, that FB is a vile blot on the planet ... Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers:

Zoom admits that they terminated the account of a US user because the Chinese government demanded it.

This has to stop now. Website which aims to build library of police brutality

(submitted by h3cate)

please make this go viral. police and national guard are patrolling neighborhoods and shooting civilians on their own property. make everyone see this [Minneapolis]

the comments in the thread go on at length how people have been treated and had peaceful protests disrupted by violent police officers

In Trump v. Twitter, I support Twitter.

It's not often I side with a corporation, especially one I don't like, but I'm in favor of "pathetic capitalist" over "demented megalomaniac" every single time.

Conflict in Minneapolis, and among the first to be arrested are CNN reporter and crew. That's some fine police work, boys.

We had a really good laugh, but seriously there's good news and, well news: the HBO Max app drops in a couple of days, and it can't possibly be much worse than Now.

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"Dude. The HBO Now app is out to lunch. The button to go back ten seconds goes forward ten seconds, and the button to go forward ten seconds goes forward thirty seconds."

@paul Where's Ardour ( fit in this observation? FWIW, I've used it to do some non-trivial production.

I would be about 93% unsurprised if COVID was part of a Bond-villain-esque plot to release a deadly contagion and ransom the world for a cure, but because someone didn't want to spend a lot of money, it got outsourced to the lowest bidder* and bungled before a cure could be engineered. Diabolical plans combined with staggering incompetence seems to be a pretty common theme these days.

*Sorry Wuhan.

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