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@brandon I assume you marked this answer as helpful.

@salixlucida That's the kind of thing an idiot has on their nuclear missiles!

@hackerfantastic For the same reason that Apple, Google, etc. don't publish their users' most private personal photos just because they have their fingers in everyone's hardware. Honestly, the reason it doesn't happen more is because no good can come of it. Some people are code watchdogs, barking at bad practices like privacy invasions and wasting resources (e.g. battery, CPU, storage). Some set traps and catch bad actors in the act of being bad. All just people, tho.

@hntooter The recipient of this comment agrees not to agree to agreements they don't agree with.

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@OCRbot @salixlucida Orphans are an excellent source of fuel.

@Dee It's definitely not anime, just a kids' book with similar concepts of building big things out of household parts.

@ultem This place still open? I like the efficient use of space, but COVID definitely screwed up the concept of population density.

@Dee So, basically, it's "Bored, Nothing To Do" but with product placement and war glorification?


@florian @phessler Linux does not require systemd. OP was correct when specifying Ubuntu as the distribution.

“I just woke up one morning and it struck me that I was a murderer. so I quit.”

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@hntooter I remember using Mac systems that had these chips. That was 23 years ago. I'd say Linux has done well to support them for this long.

@ajroach42 @ColinTheMathmo I'm not saying the information should be hoarded. Since you don't care, you actually are inviting them to do the work for you. That's fine. But if you weren't intending to get other people to do it, then making a video would be counterproductive.

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