fictional violence, trolley problem 

me, before 2019: There has to be some kind of way to jam the trolley in such a way that both parties are saved.

Me, post 2019: We're going to need more trolleys.

An appeal for an objective, open, transparent debate re: the origin of Covid-19

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Ah, yes, the smell of MOSFETS slowly dying in the afternoon shade. Smells like sweet... failure.

Had a dream where I got on a train with my most important stuff, and when I went back to get more luggage, the train left with all my stuff on it. In the dream, my cell phone was among the things, so when I woke up and had it with me, the panic subsided.

I guess the message here is not to leave your stuff on transit and then get off the vehicle, even for a moment, especially in my brain.

Homemade computer chips / integrated circuits

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Manim: An animation engine for explanatory math videos

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Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as 'ignition' triggered in a lab

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Last month was the hottest global temperature on record. Ever. (

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that human-caused climate change is a myth concocted by Big Socialism and incepted into a planet of sheeple perpetuated by the leftist bluepill libtard betacuck hipster media to drive a wildly extremist pacifist agenda and exert chaos against God's plan, which by pure coincidence is exactly the plan I support to get what I want right now.

Apple Gave Uber Access to a Secret Feature That Can Record iPhone Screens (2017)

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Has anyone else read the word "Oxford" and thought, "the letters O and R aren't valid hexadecimal digits," and then realized that is actually not a leading zero?

**Why climate change is driving some to skip having kids**

"A new study finds that overconsumption, overpopulation and uncertainty about the future are among the top concerns of those who say climate change is affecting their reproductive decision-making."

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New economic idea: I'll hire someone to do my job, and while this frees me up to do more important work, it will still be my job to make sure they do their job, which I guess is still technically my job, but I just don't have to do it because someone else is doing it. They can outsource their job to someone else for a cut in the stakes, as long as the job gets done. This can go on for as many people as it takes to make sure with absolute certainty that the job gets done.

$8 trillion, please.

Butterchurn – A WebGL Implementation of the Milkdrop Visualizer

(submitted by podiki)

**Scientists create next gen living robots**

"Scientists up to create the next version of Xenobots - tiny biological robots that self-assemble, carry out tasks, and can repair themselves. Now they can move faster, and record information."

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Latest Research News: New drug to regenerate lost teeth

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