*refreshes Fediverse*

*scrolls to top without reading anything*

"Whelp, I'm all caught up!"

**Fate of global climate action 'in the balance' as U.N. talks go down to wire**

"Big polluting countries faced last-ditch pressure from smaller nations to show serious commitment to fighting climate change as negotiators battled into the early hours of Saturday to salvage a resul…"


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You know that feeling when someone takes your collar off and scratches your neck where it was?

Yeah, that's the stuff.

If your job is to clean up after people who love playing Xbox, does that make you a "gamer maid?"

"Oh, hey! I see you have some food there. Is there anyone you would like to share with or maybe who could test it for poison?"

Puppy breath is not terrible, or my breath is getting worse. Help?

Netizens, it has come to my attention that today is the most logical of days.

Today, 11/14, is Leonard Nimoy day.

Post appropriately.

I am building an online service for rendering 3D graphics using a technology I invented (definitely did not steal from aliens).

It's fast and new, and I'm still building a public interface, but if anyone out there wants to get involved, please let me know.

I wrote the proof-of-concept in C/C++ with a focus on speed, simplicity, and platform independence, but I need to refactor it in two ways. One involves building client and server applications, and the other is enabling hardware acceleration.

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