Just remembered that I ordered @henryseg's book yonks ago and hadn't checked my pigeon hole since. Getting stuck in now!

Ooh, how is it? I looked at it and thought "neat, but I'd kind of rather invent the things myself".


@anne @henryseg it's nice. At first glance, not much information on *how* to make things, but lots of inspiration for things you could make

@christianp @anne Right, it's more a pop math book that uses 3D prints to illustrate things, rather than an instruction book on how to 3D print things.

Well, give me a shape and I can probably figure out how to print it, I'm not looking for printer settings. More ideas like the sphere protecting onto the plane that's on the cover. But... I *like* coming up with that stuff, I'm not sure I'd be glad of a book full of ready-to-go ideas.

Trying to demonstrate negative curvature is how I came up with my polyhedron construction set toy.


@anne @christianp This starts getting pretty philosophical - how much should one seek inspiration from other, versus avoiding the same ruts as everyone else? And, does it matter if one might be reinventing the wheel, or not? Many valid answers.

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