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Happy Birthday to Johannes Kepler and Jacob Bernoulli!

Happy 70th Anniversary to the invention of the transistor!

Happy birthday to Tycho Brahe! Today is also the anniversary of the conception of quantum physics

The first recorded eclipse occurred today, in 3340 BC, in Ireland.

position: -0.7551855761843708 + 0.0558206857735388i
pixel width: 1.3933725713025573e-07

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pixel width: 1.1094589406106454e-05

Active inference and artificial curiosity (2017) [video]

(submitted by espeed)

B-day *[[1967]] [[Ken Block]], American race car driver Show more

Happy Birthday to the Intel 4004 chipset. The first commercially-available microprocessor had 2300 transistors and cost $60 in 1971.

Happy Birthday to George Orwell, or to use his given name, Eric Arthur Blair. The introverted war correspondent with kind eyes was born in British India to a functionary of the Opium Department. In the 1940s he wrote 1984 and Animal Farm.

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