position: -1.166385720474683 + 0.22643989075247725i
pixel width: 1.1425596245801491e-06

position: -0.5215976465559408 + -0.5035459159549313i
pixel width: 1.2732453526170067e-07

position: -0.543384735633355 + -0.4830668699581388i
pixel width: 1.5747071894495154e-14

position: -0.03254574629215588 + 0.7705714393935958i
pixel width: 6.562860481677763e-14

position: -0.7051729373376163 + 0.2479868407714387i
pixel width: 5.885622842679988e-09

position: -0.7158658393263835 + -0.22720084433650498i
pixel width: 7.009310464027196e-06

position: 0.2354067524532614 + 0.5227081599078827i
pixel width: 8.381916408712732e-06

position: -0.03212957691700486 + 0.7807855973950708i
pixel width: 9.205159112140177e-13

B-day *[[1868]] [[Robert Andrews Millikan]], American colonel and physicist, [[Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize]] laureate (d. 1953) Show more

B-day *[[1882]] [[Emmy Noether]], Jewish German-American mathematician, physicist and academic (d. 1935) Show more

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