Happy Birthday to George Orwell, or to use his given name, Eric Arthur Blair. The introverted war correspondent with kind eyes was born in British India to a functionary of the Opium Department. In the 1940s he wrote 1984 and Animal Farm.

SigSpoof: Spoofing Signatures in GnuPG, Enigmail, GPGTools and Python-Gnupg

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RT @annabarryjester: In New Mexico’s 1st District, Deb Haaland could will very likely become the first Native American woman ever elected t…

Happy Birthday to Whitfield Diffie! (BS math MIT 1965)

Diffie invented a protocol for distributing cryptographic keys. Immediately after implementing this protocol, adoption of assymmetric cryptography picked up dramatically. He credits his wife, Mary, for his inspiration as well as the invention of a working public-key system.

His early life demonstrates the challenges of raising an exceptionally intelligent child. archive.nytimes.com/www.nytime

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I remember seeing him present new research about fifteen years ago. A fantastically original thinker.


Congratulations to Kami Rita, a veteran Sherpa guide who on Wednesday set the record for most climbs of Mount Evere… https://t.co/SrpXsL07Jd

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