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3d-printed models of the chaotic attractors from dynamical systems:
ams.org/journals/notices/20201 (Stephen K. Lucas, Evelyn Sander, and Laura Taalman in the cover article of the latest Notices)

@ZevenKorian I've only ever seen that referred to as the fundamental theorem of calculus, which is definitely not very useful since there are so many variants of it.

Trying to illustrate normal modes of oscillation for my online textbook; current effort is pretty janky:

I've been using my mathematical perspective to design free and open source sound synthesis and sequencing modules for VCV rack: library.vcvrack.com/?brand=Zet

@pretentious7 Great! Right now its pretty limited on examples and exercises but I will keep adding to it.

Mainly testing how mastodon handles this - its a link to a cover song and video I made: youtu.be/x6Ib55Xa8vU

My free online text on differential equations and linear algebra is almost done: d.umn.edu/~mhampton/ODELA/

Its consistently cold in the winter here. When I moved here, I thought of that as a bad thing. But really it isn't: it guarantees many fun things: youtu.be/eKdi0PDQrZ0

@esoterica I use a Python module for designing laser cut projects (pypi.org/project/dxfwrite/) which has such spirals as a built-in command called "Clothoid"; it must be fairly common to use them in CAD projects.

I've been enjoying watching videos from "The Coding Train", which covers a lot of different programming topics, including Mastodon! (youtube.com/watch?v=sKSxBd56H7)
Strangely addictive because the presenter is so enthused.

@hexbienium Hey cheer him on, maybe he'll find something interesting.

Interactive demo of using Newton's method in the complex plane with a cubic. Its a little slow, any ideas for improvements are welcome:

Numerous historical places in China that I visited recently were adorning their renovated cement handrails with cuboctahedra. I asked a few Chinese math professors and none of them had any idea why, and did not think they had any historical significance. I'm still curious if there is some interesting background info here.


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