"Late capitalism" is a vague and presumptuous category. But it fits so many marketing campaigns

Lots of statistical skulduggery around, regarding the threshold income for 'poverty' and the resulting trend. But we can sidestep binary gerrymandering entirely by plotting the distribution over time. Max Roser:


I am not a Swedish corporate lawyer but:

Does IKEA own itself?

There are some human beneficiaries, so it's not the full-blown Gibsonian nightmare... (Beneficiaries besides the customers and employees I mean.)


Goodreads has a nice culture. Shame about the owner, but what you gonna do?

Saw this t-shirt on the way to work today. I'm not even mad, just confused

Bold new direction from O2, targeting the lucrative pro-drowning demographic.

Schools, philosophies, factions:

* Bayesians
* Frequentists^
* Likelihoodists

To what extent is ML a fourth school, as opposed to a mere toolkit, shut up and descend the gradient?

(Image: Greg Ganderberger)

Most intellectuals focus on what's wrong - which is good - but then conclude that the world is gettting worse - which is mostly wrong. Pinker & Roser are odd because they push back, & with dramatic data.

One thing even they neglect is the sheer intellectual wealth of our time. It's not visible unless you look; hidden in Springer yellow books, in unprecedented huge open datasets, in the vast public domain of Gutenberg and Github. Another source of joy and hope. Never a better time to think.

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