Some Oriental vocabulary for enjoying Ada Palmer's 'Terra Ignota' series even more:

* Xiaoheiwang, 小黑王 (Mandarin): Little Dark Lord.

* Sanling, 三菱 (Mandarin): Three Chestnuts, Three Diamonds. (Transliteration of Mitsubishi)

* Tai-kun, 太君 (Japanese): Supreme Child OR Supreme Leader (Shogun, tycoon). A good rendition for both meanings would be "great upstart".


Yet another brilliant Ada Palmer phrase: “Conquer time’s diaspora”.

i.e. Listen to the past and talk to the future.

I thought Palmer might be doing something cool and hybrid with the Masons' Sanctum Sanctorum - the way it's portrayed is quite like the Kaaba of Mecca (which has housed important documents like peace treaties and wills) - but turns out it's a common religious trope and already used by IRL Masons:

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