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I know a decent amount about

Existential risks
Passive cybersecurity
Data science careers
Python, SciPy, Spark
Numerical methods
Development economics
Nietzsche, Frege, Wittgenstein
Economic history
History of computing
History of philosophy
The replication crisis and social science
Quantified self
Biochemistry (esp. veganism & nootropics)
Analytic philosophy (esp. science, ethics)
Contemporary scifi
UK poetry
Punk, jazz, ambient music

and I like answering questions, AMA.

Maybe the Quantified Self never took off because it would make people sad to know too much about themselves.

Clive James has written 8 books and hundreds of columns since he announced he was dying. Well, he is an opera fan.

In the UK, this would backfire completely. (Witness the lifelong antipathy people have towards the books they were required to read in highschool English.)

I realised today that my love of certain nihilists (Cioran, Pessoa, Benatar, Nagarjuna) is merely aesthetic. If they weren't droll or chic or beautiful I'd scorn them.

(It's not that I thought I was a nihilist, just that I couldn't explain my enthusiasm for them.)

I thought Palmer might be doing something cool and hybrid with the Masons' Sanctum Sanctorum - the way it's portrayed is quite like the Kaaba of Mecca (which has housed important documents like peace treaties and wills) - but turns out it's a common religious trope and already used by IRL Masons:

The Bayesian view makes it obvious why HARKing (Hypothesising After Results are Known) is invalid:

\( posterior = prior \times data \)

but if you look at the data first, then your 'prior' becomes \(\simeq\) the posterior

\( posterior_2 = posterior \,\times\, data \)

which double-counts evidence, is overconfident nonsense.

"Place yourself outside this!"

- grisly Wodehousian way of saying "bon appetit"

Spotted: "This premise is being watched".

I see what you did there, oddly philosophical sign.

“The law regarding the distinction between extortion and settling a legal claim is very unsettled—it’s not well defined”


(That piece is revealing when it describes Muller as a "virulent anti-Stalinist". Virulent?

I hope I'm remembered as something half that good.)

This worries me ("SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN POLITICAL"). It's a motte-and-bailey move.

The trivial claim is that scientists and scientific institutions grow in a political context, are used for political ends, and are very often slightly subverted by social pressures and prejudices.

The exciting claim is that science has no special status, that it's just disguised politics, can be safely ignored or treated as having one epistemic vote, with sociology, theology (...)

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