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I know a decent amount about

Existential risks
Passive cybersecurity
Data science careers
Python, SciPy, Spark
Numerical methods
Development economics
Nietzsche, Frege, Wittgenstein
Economic history
History of computing
History of philosophy
The replication crisis and social science
Quantified self
Biochemistry (esp. veganism & nootropics)
Analytic philosophy (esp. science, ethics)
Contemporary scifi
UK poetry
Punk, jazz, ambient music

and I like answering questions, AMA.

"the famous neat John McCarthy has said publicly he has no interest in how human intelligence works, while famous scruffy Rodney Brooks is openly obsessed with creating humanoid intelligence"

Or rather *seems* to fit: This was a licenced beer for the punk band NOFX. Who got blacklisted everywhere for joking about the Vegas mass shooter onstage, so the brewery added a donation as damage control.

"Late capitalism" is a vague and presumptuous category. But it fits so many marketing campaigns

Updated my cheap-ass-browser-security post with new attacks, time savings estimate, snark.

+ Likely computational disadvantages of value-aware vs amoral systems

AI safety is exciting it involves so many different horribly difficult subproblems:

- Massive pre-paradigmatic mathematical confusion
- Philosophical baggage (can't teach values if you can't agree on them)
- Political economy (arms races to deploy shoddy reckless systems)
- Ordinary software hell implementation error (no one knows how to write safe code)
- Massive regulatory lag
- Massive capabilities : safety funding ratio

Sorry, did I say exciting?

Brilliant: Aldi used wage hikes as a weapon against competiitors

"Paying well obviously helps attract and retain staff, who might otherwise go to chains where the pace of work is slower. But it also serves to drive up wages across the industry, which, because of Aldi’s lower overall employee costs, hurts its competitors more."

My voting system is: the candidate who wins in a plurality of all known voting systems wins.

I don't know how many levels of irony I'm on. It might be none. If you don't know, it must be none, right?

The named distributions are the standard library of statistics.

(or just the exponential family?)

"What happened? I feel strange."
"But you always feel strange."

Lots written about "disaster capitalism" (e.g. [1]), the ability of e.g. neoliberalism to make lucrative lemonade out of deeply incriminating lemons.

This isn't false, but it misses the larger point: you never get new large economic policies outside of a crisis. Keynesianism was disaster socialism, exploiting (or fixing) the Depression. Monetarism was disaster anti-socialism, exploiting (or fixing) stagflation. From the implementer's perspective it's a rescue op.


What's a word for the pain of learning that there is yet another huge field you know nothing about?:

on top of bleeding


Great story - but, Turing fangirl that I am, the bit that jumped out at me was the brilliance of using a double agent to inject looooong known plaintext into your enemy's crypto system.


"sorry, but the reason was indeed that there were fewer men about then. The trouble is not, of course, men as such – men have done good enough philosophy in the past. What is wrong is a particular style of philosophising that results from encouraging a lot of clever young men to compete in winning arguments."

- Midgley

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