Since apparently my life for the forsseable future is one long video call, I need to up my headphone / microphone game. Probably wired to work without hassles on my Debian powered computers, but I'm open to ideas.

What do people suggest? I hear gamer headphones are a good option, if one can get behind the aesthetic. Or find a more sober looking pair.


@bremner My personal choice for maximum comfort in hour-long calls is simple "flat" earphones with a microphone (that have a 3.5mm TRRS audio jack for my laptop).

By "flat" I mean shaped in a way that was common in the 2000s, say for a portable CD player - as opposed to more modern smartphone earphones that are literally "plugged" into your ear which I find quite uncomfortable.

The combination of old-fashioned flat earphones with a built-in microphone is not seen very often, but it exists.

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