Another of our graduate students, Martha Osegueda, passed her dissertation defense yesterday. Here's my blog post congratulating her and overviewing her research:

Good Shurik Grothendieck:

James Propp writes (another) account of Grothendieck, as a way of explaining of how a scene from Good Will Hunting on the nature of genius may not be as inaccurate as he once thought it was.

At the workshop, I've also heard the sad news that Camil Demetrescu passed away last month.

Camil's joint work with Pino Italiano an dynamic shortest paths has been very influential for my own research. Their JACM '04 paper will stand out forever.

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The train ride to Warsaw was around 10 hours (via Vienna). Our university is not covering the expenses of flights anymore if the destination can be reached in under 8 hours per train, So I'm by two hours more progressive than our guidelines. ;-) At least I made a lot of progress on my review pile...

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As usual the slides of my talk can be found on my homepage. I hope I find time to record it at some point.

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Earlier this week I've been at the 3rd European Meeting on Algorithmic Challenges of Big Data (ACBD 2022) in Warsaw. It was organized by Piotr Sankowski as part of "IDEAS NCBR", a new center for "AI and digital economy" in Poland.

The paper "The Laplacian Paradigm in the Broadcast Congested Clique" by by Tijn de Vos and myself has been accepted to the Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC).

(We will put it on arXiv soon.)

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The paper "A Framework for Distributed Quantum Queries in the CONGEST Model" by Joran van Apeldoorn and Tijn de Vos has been accepted to the Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC).

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The paper "Near-Optimal Decremental Hopsets with Applications" by Jakub Łącki and Yasamin Nazari has been accepted to the International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP).

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The paper "Faster Cut Sparsification of Weighted Graphs" by Tijn de Vos and myself has been accepted to the International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP).

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Four of our group's papers have recently been accepted to "February-deadline" conferences. :)

A tutorial on how to use Inkscape to make nice mathematical diagrams quickly enough for real-time note-taking in mathematical lectures:, via

It's from 2019, so doesn't take advantage of newer features of Inkscape released since then. I use Illustrator, but without a site license it's expensive; the other free program many of our students use is Ipe,, more oriented to PDF than SVG but with good TeX integration.

I've been seeing a flood of new names, refugees from Twitter. I've been a refugee from Livejournal and Google+, so I know what that's like.

I'm a CS professor, working in algorithms, graphs, and geometry. I also blog and edit Wikipedia. My posts here include links on mathematics, computing, and academic politics, and to my blog, Wikipedia articles, papers, and occasional photos. If you post mathy stuff or I know you elsewhere, I'm likely to follow back; you're also welcome to lurk.



A re-#introduction, since it's been a while! I'm Abbie, I'm currently an #astronomer in Michigan researching black holes and neutron stars, but I'm changing tracks to outreach management and/or #dataScience management! Interacting with people and communicating #STEM to non-STEM audiences have always been my primary motivators, and I'm so excited to align my career with that. I also love #scienceLiteracy edu, sci/tech #consulting for creative projects, #mentalHealth, and #knitting 😊

I guess, with all the new people coming on board, I should post a new #introduction

Hi! I'm David from sunny Australia (more specifically Queensland).

I dabble in many things including blacksmithing, metalwork, some woodwork, cooking, photography* and anything else that happens to take my fancy. By trade, I do I.T. and am sometimes considered a greybeard in that realm.

I have another *account, where I post mostly #AustralianWildlife photos.

Here's my . I have retired from a mathematical career, not in academia, so used to having other mathematicians to chat to, and I'm looking for other places to have such conversations. Outside maths itself, I'm interested in , of maths, and teaching maths. I tutor A level.

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