To understand why millennials hate you, you must understand capitalism. To understand capitalism, imagine being forced to play a game of Monopoly where one person starts with nearly all the money in the bank and all the properties… and what about you? Fuck you, that’s what.

@aral I need to excuse my now following unpolitiness.

But what bullcrap is that? That's just ageism, hiding itself behind the veneer of social criticism. The capital distribution is not the fault of one generation (e.g the boomers).

But is the fault riding for now roughly 200 - 300 years a system called capitalism, which eats people, environments and produces capital and destroys the living conditions of what it needs to run.

A millenial speaking.




Well, it is true that there was a huge change in the 80's with the so called "neo-capitalism", with the power going from the entrepreneurs to the stockholders, from the companies to the stock markets. Culminating to what we have now: the most unequal capitalism system we've had since the creation of capitalism (I believe).

It did happen in a few generations in my opinion. But then the hate is up to you of course 😅

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