You know, I might be wrong to have always assumed hostility from geese. This family swam towards me and then the goslings surrounded me, but all that happened was that I got to be in the middle of a flock of fluff before realizing I was standing on their food.

Cymbidium ensifolium in semi-hydro attempt no. 2. Let's hope this one doesn't rot in a week like the first one😐

New Hampshire Orchid Society Annual Show!

Oh and this Dendrochilum irigense smells like fish.

confused about #mastodon 

Exactly how out of sync can profiles be across instances? Is it possible that when viewed from a different instance, the visibility of toots on a profile are "random", i.e. not based on how recently they were posted? I mean they could just be non-public, but I thought those just won't be on the local and federated timelines and still will be on the profile?

Also can the profile picture be out of sync?

I'm so confused...


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