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"Orion's belt is a big waist of space."

Terrible joke. Only three stars.

I’m looking for a good video for teaching soldering that also has some safety tips (I.e. don’t burn yourself, wear safety glasses) without going overboard (I.e. “the fumes will kill you!”). Any suggestion?

Update: I stole my old chair back and stashed the new chair in an adjoining office. The office manager responded by not giving us any markers for the new white board.

All I want in life is a work-colleague with which I can share a complex, secret handshake

[Thesis Defense]

Me: [chanting] math, math-

Other students: math, MATH

Thesis Committee: [pounding on table] MATH, MATH, MATH!

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

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Happy leftover-pie-for-breakfast day 🥧

It's happened. I've reached the level of old where I start a feud with the office manager about keeping my old, comfy, chair during an office switch.

Finished the week with fellow electrical engineers sharing stories about the first time they shocked themselves. Pro-tip: don’t mess with capacitors or CRT televisions

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We're running a free event in the Boston area to each people underrepresented in tech #rubyonrails

Do you know anyone who might enjoy it? Please boost or let them know!

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Spooky is complete! Two cattywampus bat eyes, and a flickering light in the window. Getting those tiny LEDs to intentionally flicker is a subtle art. File this under useless projects.

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