In my graduate plasma physics class, I was the only one that understood the term “flute instability”. Now, every time I make pie, I think of how I confused everyone in that class when I answered the professors question: “Fluting is what you do to the edges of pie”.

Our “Build A Radar” edX class is live! The site has video lectures on basic Radar concepts and walks through a build of a 2.5 GHz Radar.

Sometimes teaching involves stripping and soldering 180 wires on a Saturday night.

Recently acquired Pugmire, a dog “One question will follow your every decision: Are you a good dog?”

Is my timer trying to tell me the secrets to the universe?

This is MPAR ATD, a phased array antenna installed at The National Severe Storms Lab in Norman, OK. Each stitch is an antenna in the array, 4,864 total. Each 8x8 section outlined in black is a stand-alone panel that can be swapped out. Phased arrays are cool 🤓

I found the companion book for my future memoir: “Fantastic Tubes and Where to Find Them”

I’m so angry at my third grade niece’s math homework. This isn’t teaching division, it’s teaching quadratic equations or guessing. How do I explain how to solve this in a sensible way for an 8-year-old?

All I want in life is a work-colleague with which I can share a complex, secret handshake

Spooky is complete! Two cattywampus bat eyes, and a flickering light in the window. Getting those tiny LEDs to intentionally flicker is a subtle art. File this under useless projects.

Update on my Halloween : It was working for a hot second, before I snapped a wire while programming the 0603 LED to look like it was flickering because SPOOKY. Soldering is hard; those bats still need creepy red glowing eyes.

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