@ejk I've been stabbed not funny... but do appreciate the work ethic.

@ejk It's so beautiful.

I've dabbled in very basic cross stitching so this looks like magic to me.

@MightyOneSam thanks!!

I’m working from a pattern, so a lot of this is me saying “Trust the Process!” when it tells me to put odd colors in places I don’t expect

@ejk The detail in the sky and waves is incredible.

How long have you been working on this?

@MightyOneSam it’s been a journey! My father-in-law actually started this before he died and stitched some of the center, including the lighthouse base and some cliffs. I’ve been working on it for ~2 years, but have taken breaks for other projects, knitting, and games (Animal Crossing), so it hasn’t been a solid chunk of time. The water has taken me about 3 months.

@ejk Ah that's lovely to hear this is a multi-generational effort. I'm not surprised at how long you've been working on it. It's massively detailed.

@MightyOneSam what’s bonkers to me is how my stitching has gotten so much better since the start. Somehow, threads just don’t tangle as much for me anymore, I’m really good at threading needles, and my stitches are a lot less twisted.

@ejk My stitching is ok but blimey do the threads get tangled when I try to separate them. I also need a needle threader thingy, I'm hopeless at it 😆

@MightyOneSam it’s so hard!!! I’ve watched a fair number of videos for tangling prevention tips, and I went in a deep dive of needle brands at one point to find the best 😂

@ejk My threads and needles are from AliExpress so I probably deserve all the hassles I get.

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