I finished it! After 1 year of stitching (with a break for a minor WoW stint), I finished converting this scene to . It’s the biggest stitch I’ve ever done, 8x10 inches on 18-count Aida, bringing it in at over 25,000 stitches. I stabbed this piece of fabric over 100,000 times.

With thanks to @edwardloveall, who wrote a color-match algorithm to find the right thread colors and taught me image editing tricks

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I’m also still looking for the original artist, but I’ve only ended up with dead ends. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

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@ejk The best source I can find is noirlac on tumblr

But that's a doubtful original artist, given that they have a different crop of a larger image than you have. I.e. the image you posted isn't derived from the image noirlac posted, since you have pixels in your image that isn't in noirlacs. And vice versa.

Unfortunately, cropping makes reverse image search harder, and most I could find was shares of the crop noirlac posted back in 2015 (or earlier?)

@zatnosk thanks! I did crop it from something larger. Here’s the best I could find, and maybe the original- Amiga graphics art, but with no attribution

@ejk looks like that's as original a source you're gonna find on the internet.

@matt Yes, I'd love to find out what it's from or who the artist is, but this Amiga graphics page with very minimal information is all that I can find. (Related, I've been looking into Amiga, and now I think I may have found a use for my Raspberry pi.)

@ejk this is amazing!!!!! It turned out so beautiful!!

I haven't attempted a piece this big yet but this give some motivation 😍

And 18 count too??? Damn!

@seeleymoyed Thanks! This was my first big piece (but likely won't be the last). Also, I didn't quite realize how tough 18 count would be until I was 1/2 way through and squinting with my lamp at max power. 😂

@ejk this is so gorgeous!! How does it feel to be done with a project that was so time consuming

@texasred I found myself sitting with nothing to do last night, so I guess I just need to start a new big project 😂

@ejk wondering how the back side of it must look

@grips Never ask a lady to see her backside 😂

@grips it’s actually not 1/2 bad. I can see where threads snagged and I didn’t bother to clean it up, but I got cleaner as I went.

@ejk you have stabbed beautifully.

I know I have seen this image before somewhere (maybe in a demo show?), but sadly I also can't help with attribution :-/

@daniel_bohrer Thanks! This is good to know -- Now, I've fallen down the rabbit hole of Amiga Demo videos on youtube

@ejk wow very well executed. Did you create the pixel artwork as well?

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