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Ended up addressing it. Also doodled some cute illustrations (yes, I know how to TikZ):

In my CS math class I teach the Tower of Hanoi, or the Tower of Brahma, or Lucas' Tower. The first two names are fetishizations of Eastern cultures to generate flavor in a math problem; Edouard Lucas was French.

So, do I call it Lucas' Tower and ignore the poor choice of naming the problem, or call it its common name and address the problem? (We'll encounter bad European naming at the end of the semester when we hit Pascal's triangle---again, Asian mathematicians discovered the pattern first.)

I just found a pickup game of and played for a couple of hours. What a good website!

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and even if you don't want to splat right now, go ahead and add me! that's SW-5358-4486-2889

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anyone wanna play some ? we need ONE more player to balance the teams! my FC is SW-5358-4486-2889

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maths lol 

I just read this joke.

What is the limit?

\lim_{x \to k} \frac{sx^2y \sin(k - x)}{k^2 - kx}

politics, kinda, #basicincome 

In addition to the college teaching I work a weekend shift at a certain video game retailer. Today was my second shift, and I finally got on the register.

It was SO MUCH FUN. The enjoyment I glean from working a job I don't need---relatedly, the experience my customers get from a clerk who wants to be there, and the value for the compamy in an employee who actually cares about the job---is something we could all have if we instituted !

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Hey everyone! I am a math grad student just finishing up my prelims and moving into the realm of research. I nerd out with everything to do with computers and foundations of math stuff and pretty much all things algebraic.

Also I am learning to sail and it's awesome. Nothing like getting out on the water. Highly recommended.

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@doogles @Colinvparker @ColinTheMathmo people on other instances, and people using apps, just see the code. Only the website renders LaTeX. I just have it saved to my phone's home screen: it acts like an app, and I get the web-only stuff like LaTeX!

Who do I follow for sportstoots, especially the statsy kind?

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a psa for new mastodon users 

please please can you tag your lewd / nsfw posts dear god

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate impressions: #gaming #switch 

Looks and runs great in both handheld and docked modes. The lower-fi art style is a good fit for the Switch, better than World would have been.

There is a LOT. On one hand, this is good, because it implies replayability. 93 monsters, 6 styles, and 15 weapons is a big number. On the other hand, it's very daunting. (Arekkz on YouTube was a big help.)

I went from uninterested to interested---I'll pick it up when I'm able.

@christianp Can folks on other instances see our LaTeX rendered, or do they just see the code? Thanks!

I hadn't tried out the inline LaTeX yet. This is my now my favorite website.

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Today is the day that was prophesied, the day Our Lady of Bops handed down her new scripture.

Anyone else listening to ?

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