Fun times here at . Lots of new users.

I tend to relax my follow rules for fellow instance dwellers. If you've made it to this (integral?) domain of the fediverse, you probably are not here to be a total twit, so I'll approve your follow request without my usual "at least say hi first" requirement.

@JordiGH Hi! (and thanks for accepting my request!) I'm an engineer interested in many areas of maths and CS. I mainly use Twitter (and now Mastodon) "read-only", to get new ideas, papers, etc. I'll definitely try to be more active on here though!

@dlzv Being active is a Good Thing(tm). Being federated, you need to create connections, so you need to see things, boost them, like them, then people will start to follow you, you can follow them, and then you will see their toots.

If you're entirely passive you won't see anything like as much.


@ColinTheMathmo @dlzv I hadn't really thought of that. If you're used to Twitter, you probably created an account just so you could read stuff they try to hide behind an authwall.

If you just want to passively consume on Mastodon and the greater fediverse, you probably do need to interact more in order to get much out of it.


@JordiGH @ColinTheMathmo Indeed, that's an interesting thought. Maybe the federated aspect will incentivise users to interact more. On Twitter I have never felt the need to participate much in conversations (and many of them were not that interesting anyway), and I know many people with the same experience.

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