Good morning! Can anyone tell how many numbers of this air abacus does each rod hold? ;)

@dani It is more common for there to be 4 beads on the lower side. Then the upper bead represents 5, and each lower bead represents 1, so it can hold 0 through 9. Some abacuses will have 5 beads on the lower side, giving some redundancy and flexibility.

I've never seen an abacus with only three beads on the lower side.

It could be in base 8 ...

@ColinTheMathmo :DD You are a winner :sun: (yes, soroban and suanpan)

@pschwede No :( I don't have enough space for 9 symbols (3**2) + 1 of 3 symbols/concept (sign, parity, carry) = 10 concepts . I'm using as 4*2 number symbols and the 7 rods I'm using for digit position (for example, representing 1111.111). I'm interested in learning what is abacus sign, parity, carry... ;) Can you explain or give any reference?

@pschwede sorry man. 2**3 is not the same as 3**2. You are super correct. 2**3 = 8. I was mistaken in last toot 8-/ the concept of sign, I know, the concept of parity, I don't know, the concept of carry, I don't know. Will look into this 2 last concepts on day. Your input is welcome :D

@dani Sorry, I don't know how to use an abacus. It might get a bit tricky to represent binary numbers like 101 or 010 within given physical space. Two-sided beads would be welcome.

About carry: Since I suggested a binary system, I thought of a manual version of digital half adders or manual division, etc.

@dani This one looks a bit different to yours but explains abacus calculation in German very well

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