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I'm going to try and see if I can automate one single thing in my house without compromising the security and sanity of anyone in the house.

Here is the use case:
Turn a singe phase motor on, when overhead tank is empty, making sure it is not doing Wrong Things such as turning on the motor even if the sump is empty.

Thinking of using OpenHAB on RPi as the central system, and ESP8266 or similar to control sensors and relay.

If you guys want to warn me and give me directions, please do!

I've been using for a week. I love the speed, I love the Gecko colours and I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot.

"GitHub CLI now supports extensions"

I think we found a new Emacs 😂

I'm doing a jazz concert stream on tilderadio. Come tune in:

DHL has now officially lost my PineTime. Winner!

Well hello people! I hope you will have / have had a day of peace!

matrix resurrections 

Figures a movie about a giant world-spanning computer would need to be rebooted at some point.

Pretty Maps is a wonderful name for this Python tool to render Open Street Maps

Streaming the Mariah Carey special ( on Tilderadio for the next hour or so. Come tune in.

Back to using mu4e, after using Apple Mail for 6 months or so.

I now have to decide if I want emacs to handle third party provided emails as well (ones given to me for short periods while consulting etc).

This time I've got some light roasted coffee. Haven't had any light roast with aeropress yet. Today is going to be a new type of coffee day.

Ooh, happy release, everyone!

Bullseye is now with us!

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