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The first time I bought coffee beans was in 2018 from

And I thought it has been a loooooong time!

Stages of debugging: (1) That can't happen. (2) That doesn't happen on my machine. (3) That shouldn't happen. (4) Why does that happen? (5) Oh, I see. (6) How did that ever work? -- M.W.Cremer

When you restrict your readings to be long-form exclusive, you read differently.

"There is no software freedom, only human free­dom."

- Cory Doctorow

programming language that scans the unicode spec and allows you to use any character used in any known numeral system as a number literal

꧘꧕꧓ is a number and if you say it's not then you're wrong

let me use ๖๓๗ in code you cowards

I can think of 零 reasons this is a bad idea

There is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. Together with Tresorit, @threemaapp and Tutanota, we are calling on EU policy makers to rethink anti-encryption proposals that would introduce backdoors in encryption platforms:

If I get time tomorrow, I'm going to setup this "schedule" thing on twitch, and start streaming when I study QC.

I wanted to stream all the soldering I and my team did today, but 1. We forgot 2. We were kind of shy

Phone battery usage of the day - 3%

Good going busy life!

If you have TONS of work / stuff to do, you probably won't have to worry about "shutting off social media" and similar things.

I want Gerber etc files made for a very simple circuit so that I can get it fabricated. If you can help with it send message. Will pay for the services.

If you prove non-computability of something, do also prove its nonexistence?

Goyim philosopher Hushxnau said it best: 'Truth is good.'

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