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I want Gerber etc files made for a very simple circuit so that I can get it fabricated. If you can help with it send message. Will pay for the services.

If you prove non-computability of something, do also prove its nonexistence?

Goyim philosopher Hushxnau said it best: 'Truth is good.'

@JordiGH I hit my router with a rolled-up newspaper, I call myself "elderly"

If I want to microblog live life updates (kind of high traffic) which masto instance should I register with?

I would like to become a Systems Programmer. Preferably with hardware orientation. The world is fascinating!

I am torn between reading Constellation Games & watching steins;gate :(

I like "suffering" in cold. That way, I appreciate heaters way more TBH. Also help keeping resistance and strength of fighting up.

Woo-hoo! tootsuite will now show a marker for unread toots ^_^

A cup of tea is a excuse to share great thoughts with great minds -- Christina Re

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