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Hackers. Created an entire federated system of Mastodon etc just because Twitter etc changed into Not What We Want stuff! Awesome.

I cannot keep my server running. RPi3 keeps running out of RAM. I will have to find alternatives to a few services, or do something else.

I would love to follow from interesting people. Please suggest!

I should clarify that I don't know the "famous" blogs either that are generally followed by tech, software etc engineers and scientists.

Therefore, all sorts of suggestions are welcome. Please RT, thanks!

कैसे कहें कि तुझ को भी हम से है वास्ता कोई
तू ने तो हम से आज तक कोई गिला नहीं किया

- Jaun Eliya


How could I even claim that we have a relation any more,
When you haven't even thrown your complains at me.

Imagine a world without opensource, and the only operating system that exists is Windows.

I seriously wonder: would I still be as excited about computers & tech? Would I have moved on and found another profession in life?

Thanks to everyone involved in opensource. I can't repeat this often enough ❤️

I've been looking into things like plan9, Urbit etc.

It's weekend and I gotta roam through the cyberspace cyberpunk style! Send away the kinds of things you would do if you were feeling like that!

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