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I read Neptune's Brood basically in a single sitting yesterday (~80% was left).

😳 Wow! This looks like the scene from a movie. Six waterspouts simultaneously in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana on Thursday. We need to brace ourselves for possibly two hurricanes next week

📸: Frank Leday

I can migrate from one computer another super
quick because my environment is wrapped around

I'm not posting weeabu content because I've been reading other books.

Woah, I did not imagine before now how a claustrophobic person would feel in zero or microgravity!

Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you, it just takes 75 to 100 years ...

it's my birthday today; as a treat here's what we're gonna do

I'll send the first five people who show receipts for at least $200 donated to Rosehip Medic Collective in PDX or Don't Shoot PDX one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build.

Installed numpy on phone. That's the kind of power we got these days.

Augochlora sweat bee! Aka my insect photography white whale

They’re so small and beautiful and I will continue to try and get pictures of them

Here are the laptops I'm looking at for purchase:

ThinkPad T490(s)
Dell XPS 13
HP spectre 360
MBP 13

You guys got alternatives, preferences, stories et el for me?

Light weight, small screen & lots of compute are important to me.

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